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Thread: July MOTUC Day of sale purchases

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    you can thank me for the extra Icers. Icer is available because i cancelled my credit card/sub, like im sure alot of people did when they realized mattel/digital river is garbage and give the worst customer service on the face of the planet. oh no. i said something scathing and honest about Mattel.

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    I have thought those two guys would sellout much faster. especially Icer as a Filmation character and as a character fans in the biggest market know well...

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    I totally forgot to order a second NA He-Man before he sold out(got one from my sub), as I want to get the extra for parts for customizing a 'normal' He-Man with the new hands. But luckily I found an ebay BIN listing for $37 and some change with free shipping for him, which is actually slight cheaper than what it would have cost me on Matty after tax and shipping, so that worked out.

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    Got my Q2 bonus and Granamyr was still hanging around so I just ordered him. Couldn't resist.

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