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Thread: Vykron fanart

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    Vykron fanart

    Hi my friends,
    i've tried to transform a picture taken from a MOTU minicomic "DRAGON'S GIFT",
    into a real VYKRON comic cover!
    This is the result hope you like it!

    p.s.: the original title was: VYKRON - the man with a cup hat.
    but was too long :P

    this was the original picture from DRAGON'S GIFT

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    The helmet simply ruins it for me and thatīs so not your fault!

    I like all the little details you put into it!
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    Cup hat! LOL

    That's what I've always thought, looking at it. Vykron, you rebel! Wearing that cup on your head like a BAWS.

    Nice cover, dude. What's with the "Son of God" alternate title? I'd like to know the thought process, before someone gets upset. :P
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    Yeah, please tell me that "Son of God" subtitle is just a mockery of his inflated ego. I cant even look at that in any seriousness.
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