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Thread: Big Lots near me has MOTUC--whadda ya need?

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    Big Lots near me has MOTUC--whadda ya need?

    UPDATE: Hey all! Thanks for the pm's, but I headed out of town for a long weekend, so give me a couple days to respond to everyone--hopefully by Saturday--THANKS!

    I went today and they have Megator, Orko and Mo-Larr, each for $10. FYI, they do NOT have the white mailers. (No Ghostbusters or JLU or any other Mattycollector stuff.) Here are my terms lol:

    --The only thing I'm currently looking for in trade is a Gygor axe
    --I'll ship whatever you want, anywhere you want
    --I will ship loose if you want to save on shipping
    --For my services, I'm asking $10 within the US and $15 international. And that's $10/$15 if you want one loose Orko, and that's still $10/$15 if you want 5 loose Mo-Larr figures. (But if someone has a HUGE order like 5 Megators and 5 Mo-Larr sets, all MOC, then I'll ask a little bit more, and by little bit I mean like $5 more, $10 more tops if I have to go hunting for especailly big boxes or something like that!)
    --I take PayPal, and it's gotta be sent as a gift or with a couple bucks added on to cover the fees.
    --Everything in the US will be shipped USPS Priority mail (as long as it fits in those boxes) cuz that keeps the shipping even for the buyers and easy for me (espeically since I recently moved to a smaller place and tossed out all the boxes I'd been saving for shipping).

    I think that covers everything! Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks very much!
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