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Thread: Fan Made 2014 Subscription Promo Sales Pitch

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    Fan Made 2014 Subscription Promo Sales Pitch

    So I posted a version of this in the thermometer update thread, and it got a better response than I was expecting. Well we don't know who is in the sub, but we have a pretty good idea. With Mattel's stance on legality of releasing names due to unexpected occurrences, I always thought if they would just release a sales pitch with the entire sub line listed in, plus 25 or so more names then Mattel would have plenty of wiggle room if a figure did slip. We'd have something to keep us talking.

    I give you the hypothetical fan made subscription sales pitch! I really hope you all like it. It's just for fun, I don't think the sub won't go through, I just love MOTU & writing a humorous play on words speech was fun.

    Hey toy fans! 2014 is that GLIMMER in our eye. We know you'll have a BLAST. ATTACK the missing holes in your collection with a sub! We can't give you a PEEKABLUE, but there are hints if you LOOKEE hard enough. We are going to SQUEEZE in all your favorites! We really LIGHT HOPE 2014 is a reality, your support is CRITA-cal, without it 2014 will be an IMP-ossibility. It would be TWO-BAD if you miss out! Don't DESPARA or QUAKKE in fear, subs available until August 19th. Some folks have already MULTI BOT theirs. DRAGSTOR your feet and you miss the chance to EXTENDAR the fun for another 12 months! You'll never be sorry you MERMISTA figure, because you'll automatically get them all! Such great reveals, your head will SPINNERELLA! SEA HAWK what all the BUZZ SAW HORDAK is about at our Matty panel Friday July 19th in rooms 25 A, B, & C at 11 AM! Make sure to get there on the DOUBLE! TROUBLE deciding? We don't want to TWISTOID your STRONG ARM, but the line up is really SWEET! BEE there! Early Access for subscribers to purchase ELDOR merchandise & new product before non subscribers. Now you can be a HE-RO 2! Still not sure? Well HYDRON a second. The line up is just amazing, there might even be a few you'll want to HORDE, TROOPER. We don't want to FLOGG a dead STORM, but we PRHAVUS we reach our minimum to go forward. Fill your friends with ANGELLA-sy. With our new VULTAK-tics we've sharpened our BLADE and carved out a fantastic line up. TERROR CLAW-ing at you? No fear. We know there will be FLYING FISTS of approval at our panel. We will deliver such a clean sweep with our BROOM, no one will RAZZ the selection. Please don't be ENTRAPTA with out a sub! Wild CHARGERs couldn't keep us away, see you at SDCC! That FLUTTERINA in your stomach is excitement, we have it too!


    Thanks for reading & I hope you got a kick out of it. I had fun writing it.
    Until next time.
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    Well done!

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