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Thread: motion capture CGI?

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    motion capture CGI?

    Am I the only one who thinks a modern MOTU movie would probably work better as a motion capture film rather than live action? I'm thinking something like Avatar. Only, you know, with a script just as good as it's special effects

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    well avatar is still technically live action...or are you thinking of something more along the lines of beowulf, where the film is completely CG?

    and yes, i've thought that approach might suit the highly stylized world of MOTU better. but historically speaking, those types of movies don't do well at the box office. if a movie is going to be completely CG, people only seem to want cartoony family films...otherwise, they want real actors appearing on screen.
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    Lets not knock James Cameron around the room, poor guy got kicked off 'Pirana 2'.

    Also there is only so many ways to make all the creature people on eternia, and let the actor show through.

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