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Thread: Need MOTU Accessories

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    Need MOTU Accessories

    hello all, i haven't posted for a while and decided to try get a little closer to completing my vintage loose collection. here is a list of things i need (there is more than what's on the list but going to try to complete these things first. i know some of this stuff is rare and/or expensive, but if anyone has these things for sale or trade let me know. i have non motu things to trade, nothing rare or mint, just things i have. cops and crooks, **** tracy, tmnt vintage star wars etc... anyway, thanks for your time. here is my list.

    battle armor skeletor sword
    blade 2 swords
    blast attak trigger cord
    buzz saw hordak saw
    dragon blaster skeletor chain/cuff, lock, sword
    faker sword
    flying fists he-man shield, red back clip
    he-man armor, sword
    hurricane hordak 3 ball mace, bat propellar, shield
    king randor cape, crown
    man e weapons sword, shield, gun
    mosquitor gun
    saurod helmet, gun
    scare glow cape, halberd
    snake face shield
    snout spout small plug
    sssqueeze snake
    terro claws skeletor dragon skull, red back clip
    thunder punch he man sword, shield
    bashasaurus head
    battle ram 3 missals
    castle grayskull elevator, elevator rail, postol, small axe, throne, throne platform, trapdoor, trapdoor mechanism, small platform, flag pole, cardboard cutouts (repo is fine), flag (repo fine)
    fright zone gate
    land shark engine cover
    laser bolt guns
    point dread and talon fighter perch, base, cardboard cutouts (repo fine)
    road ripper ripcord
    snake mountain shackles, net brackets, bridge 3 rails, battery cover
    stridor 2 guns, tail

    thanks everyone. throw me a pm and maybe we can work something out.
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