To me, it appears the rumors of the two Unlimited 6" lines nearing their demise might have foundation; this feels like a re-branding might be on the way, much like what happened when DC Super Heroes became DC Classics. Given how much of a problem Mattel apparently had actually getting retailers into the All Star/DC Unlimited line after they announced DC Classics was going Matty only, it isn't really surprising if the line isn't doing that well (so much for focusing on the big guns and the DCNU designs, if this is the case). I'm wondering if the Target exclusive Justice League line is expanding, as that seems to be doing pretty well, at least around here. Only thing with that is, it isn't a NEW line, so unless it's being re-branded somehow, that doesn't seem to fit the bill. I don't really know where they are going if the modern
NU versions of the characters aren't going over in 6" figure form; from comments and offerings since classics died, it appears DC is dictating that retail stuff has to push their new universe (at least that's the inevitable conclusion I've come to based on what we've seen). I think that pretty well rules out any sort of Classics revival at retail, unfortunately.

Only thing I can think of here is that maybe Warners has licensed out some of the Reeve Superman movie stuff as they did with Batman '66, and the movie masters are expanding to include that (the new Superman movie is doing well at the box office, so Supes is back in the spotlight). Other than that, I'm not getting my hopes up too much for thrilling news. Anything related to the New 52 is going to leave me cold, given I'm dropping DC books at a rate I've never done in my life. So I really don't know where that leaves me as a collector of DC figures.