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Thread: Main Page Poll Discussion: MOTUC variants

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    Main Page Poll Discussion: MOTUC variants

    Not a bad list at all. Here is how my top 10 broke down:

    God Skeletor (1987 Movie)
    Skeletor (New Adventures Toy)
    Skeletor (1987 Movie)
    Snake Armor He-Man
    Prince Adam (200x Toy)
    Hordak (Filmation)
    He-Man (1987 Movie)
    King Hssss (200x Toy)
    Sorceress (Mike Young Productions)
    Catra (Princess of Power Toy)
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    My top 10:

    Sorceress 200x
    Hsss 200x
    Hordak Filmation
    Clawfull Filmation
    Skeletor NA
    Tung Lashor Filmation
    Terror Claws Skeletor
    Skeletor Movie
    God Skeletor
    Flying Fists He-Man

    I love Skeletor variants but pretty much hate every He-Man variant.

    When you are "the most powerfull man in the universe", you don't need special armor IMO.

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    Top 10....
    Filmation Hordak (a must have to me for POP and Filmation to be complete)
    Filmation Clawful (a must have to me for Filmation to be complete)
    Flying Fists He-Man (never owned him, but I do want him)
    Terror Claws Skeletor (never owned him, but I do want him)
    Starburst She-Ra (she would look cool)
    Catra (the toy look would be cool too)
    Filmation Tung Lashor (not a must have to me for Filmation to be complete, but one I would love to see)
    MC Trap Jaw (how can yo go wrong with Trap Jaw?)
    200X Sorceress (somewhat Egyptian motif, love it, would go with Nepthu)
    Ice Armor He-Man (the ONLY, 200X He-Man variant I want to see in Classics)

    Bottom 5....
    Snake Armor He-Man (not needed, give me Ice Armor HM)
    NA Skeletor (NA does not exist to me)
    Movie He-Man (Movie does not exist to me, and I'd rather see a 200X He-Man than this one)
    Movie Skeletor (Movie does not exist to me)
    Movie God Skeletor (Movie does not exist to me)
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    The ones I really care about are here...

    Prince Adam 200X
    I like Adam looking different from He-Man.

    Sorceress 200X
    Nepthu opened the door for Egyptian wizard characters! Might as well get a Sorceress who could sit on the Grayskull Throne.

    King Hsss 200X
    Speaking of Egyptian Wizards, 200X Hsss is a great opportunity for Mattel to give fans a variant they want AND give us the Earl Norem snakes all at the same time!

    Snake Armor He-Man
    Despite being billed as the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, He-Man has never been invulnerable. Snake Armor He-Man looks pretty neat, by making him have a more gladitorial look. It even retains the trademark furry boots! That's how you do a variant DC!

    Ice Armor He-Man
    Very barbaric looking variant for when He-Man ventures out into the snows.

    NA Skeletor
    We have NA He-Man. NA Skeletor is certain to follow. I'll bet that he's the variant for this year. I hope the 4H go off the hook with the sculpting for Skeletor's bionic parts!

    Filmation Hordak
    While I've always liked Hordak gray, I'd like to get the blue version as well. I like having display choices.

    Filmation Clawful
    He should come with the Horn of Evil and not another green mace.

    Mini-Comic Trap Jaw
    He'll look great on the mini-comic shelf! I would love to get a Filmation Trap Jaw next.

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    Terror Claw Skeletor
    Laser Light Skeletor
    NA Skeletor (all 3 )
    Snake Armor He-Man

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    I wasn't too thrilled about any of these characters. The only two that I would want to buy are NA Skeletor and Tung Lashor.

    I was hoping that Light Spinner would have made it.

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    1. Snake Armor He-Man
    2. God Skeletor (1987 Movie)
    3. King Hssss (200x Toy)
    4. Flying Fists He-Man
    5. Skeletor (1987 Movie)
    6. Prince Adam (200x Toy)
    7. Skeletor (New Adventures Toy)
    8. He-Man (1987 Movie)
    9. Star Burst She-Ra
    10.Sorceress (Mike Young Productions)

    Teela 2.0 if it was in the list
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    Need a Slime Pit He-Man for the Horde Faction.

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