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Thread: Rate SDCC Reveals Thread

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    Rate SDCC Reveals Thread

    Now that the reveals are over, Rate Them Now !

    My TOP pick is Modulock & I am not even a fan of him !!

    I can't wait for Jet... I mean Sky Sled either. And Two-Bad............ how can I miss him ??

    The Worst.......... Suckthu ! And I hope you guys know what I mean.
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    None of them are really making me excited, mostly due to the fact that there were few reveals I didn't expect. Most look great and the expected ones are all well done of course (well, the Horde Troopers aren't really doing it for me), but my favorite is actually Standor ;-)

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    Two Bad and Modulok!!!

    Horde Troopers are a big disappointment.

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 7/10

    Nepthu : 0/10

    Lord Dactys : 8/10

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 9/10

    Geldor : 6/10

    Sea Hawk : 6/10

    "Almost final" Castle Grayskull : 3/10

    Weapons pack : 8/10

    Plundor : 1/10

    Strong-or (= Strongarm) : 6/10

    Two-Bad : 10/10

    Glimmer : 7/10

    Modulok : 9/10

    Hydron : 6/10

    Goat Man : 9/10

    The Unnamed One : 0/10

    Standor : 0/10

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 10/10
    Weapons Pack 9/10
    Nepthu : 0/10
    Lord Dactys : 4/10
    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 10/10
    Geldor : 0/10
    Sea Hawk : 9/10
    Castle Grayskull : 9/10
    Plundor : 0/10
    Strong-or : 0/10
    Two-Bad : 10/10
    Glimmer : 9/10
    Modulok : 9/10
    Hydron : 0/10
    Goat Man : 0/10
    The Unnamed One : 0/10
    Standar : 0/10

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    for me:

    Sky High + Sky Sled : 9/10 - Nice surprise !

    Nepthu : 5/10

    Lord Dactys : 11/10 !! My Favorite !!! Just awesome !

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 9/10

    Geldor : 9/10 - His face is excellent !

    Sea Hawk : 7/10

    Castle Grayskull : 10/10

    Weapons pack : 8/10

    Plundor : 5/10

    Strong-or (= Strongarm) : 6/10

    Two-Bad : 9/10

    Glimmer : 8/10

    Modulok : 11/10 !!!! AWESOME !!!

    Hydron : 6/10 - figure well done but not a cool character

    Goat Man : 10/10 - I love him ! And I hope to get his maybe related Prahvus soon.

    The Unnamed One : 10/10 !! - Can't wait to see him!

    Standor : 9/10 - a cool figure - definitely not a must have but cool

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    Sky High + Sky Sled: 8/10 - It's awesome to finally get a Sky Sled, but I think I'll skip army building because I only want one Sky High
    Nepthu: 7/10 - Looks ok but I'm not interested.
    Lord Dactys: 9/10 - Looks great!
    Horde Trooper 2-pack: 6/10 - My initial reaction was meh. Maybe it'll change with time.
    Geldor: 8/10 - Solid figure.
    Sea Hawk: 9/10 - I'm happy with how he turned out
    Castle Grayskull: 7/10
    Weapons pack: 6/10 - I'll get it for the figure included, but other than that it looks a bit bland.
    Plundor: 9/10 - Looking Great
    Strongarm: 9/10 Great looking figure aswell
    Two-Bad: 9/10 - Near Perfection
    Glimmer: 10/10 My favorite reveal.
    Modulok: 10/10 ...or was this my favorite? Can't decide!
    Hydron: 10/10 - Or this? So awesome!
    Goat Man: 8/10 - Looks fine but I'll pass.
    The Unnamed One: ?
    Standor: 10/10 Must have.
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    Sky High + Sky Sled : solid A....I've wanted Sky High for quite some time, and the fact that he comes with a Sky/Jet Sled is all the better!

    Nepthu : C- really am not feeling him. He's grown on me slightly, which is why he gets a barely passing grade.

    Lord Dactys : B+ wasn't expecting much out of him, but ended up quite impressed.

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : A-

    Geldor : B not a huge want of mine but love his head

    Sea Hawk : A happy to finally be getting him

    Castle Grayskull : A-

    Weapons pack : B Kowl, Netossa Sword, and Rattlor Armor make the pak worth it

    Plundor : B-

    Strongarm : A

    Two-Bad : A

    Glimmer : A+ favorite reveal, she looks fantastic

    Modulok : A- very creepy/cool looking

    Hydron : B+ impressed with how he turned out

    Goat Man : A+ looks like he jumped out of the Golden Book!

    The Unnamed One : C since I don't know what he/she looks like, can't determine at this point. But the idea is a solid C for me. I have faith the Four Horseman can create something great for this character though.

    Standor : C+ looks better than I expected.

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    This is my ranking full of personal opinions

    Sky High + Sky Sled : 100/10 - Totally amazing!

    Nepthu : -10/10 super boring

    Lord Dactys : 100/10 Pure awesomeness!

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 8/10 There is something about them that I don't really like but I can't figure out what is it

    Geldor : 7/10 - Good

    Sea Hawk : 9/10

    Castle Grayskull : 10/10

    Weapons pack : 3/10 worst weapons pack ever, aside from strobo's gun, rattlor's armor, and laserlot weapons, there is nothing good about it

    Plundor : -15000000/10 Worst figure ever and it is in the sub! There are a lot of figures better than this rabbit

    Strong-or (Strongarm) : 11/10 Amazing this should be in the regular sub instead of plundor

    Two-Bad : 9/10 good

    Glimmer : 7/10 good

    Modulok : 100/10 Great! really great! and with the original action feature!

    Hydron : 6/10

    Goat Man : 7/10

    The Unnamed One : 0/10 Worst idea ever

    Standor : 7/10 he should have an alternative skeletor face and it would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
    This is my ranking full of personal opinions

    Standor : 7/10 he should have an alternative skeletor face and it would be great
    but he has ...

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 9/10
    Nepthu : 6/10
    Lord Dactys : 9/10
    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 9/10
    Geldor : 7/10
    Sea Hawk : 9/10
    Castle Grayskull : 10/10
    Weapons pack : 7/10
    Plundor : 9/10
    Strong-or: 9/10
    Two-Bad : 10/10
    Glimmer : 9/10
    Modulok : 9/10
    Hydron : 9/10
    Goat Man : 8/10
    Standor : 6/10

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    Sky High w/ Jet Sled: 7/10
    Nep-who?: 1/10
    Geldor: 5.5/10
    Seahawk: 7.5/10
    Weapons Pack: 6/10
    Lord Dactys: 8.5/10
    Castle Grayskull: 8/10
    Strong Arm: 8.5/10
    Plundor: 9/10
    Goat Man: 7/10
    Glimmer: 9/10
    Two-Bad: 9.5/10
    Hydron: 9.5/10
    Modulok: 8.5/10
    Horde Troopers: 8.5/10
    Standor: 5.5/10
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    Sky High + Sky Sled: 8/10 - Would have been 10/10 if we got the battle ram as well.

    Nepthu: 3/10 - Terrible choice and the figure is plain with a crap head sculpt. Waste of slot.

    Lord Dactys: 7/10 - Looks good but I could care less about the character.

    Horde Trooper 2-pack: 5/10 - Very disappointed with these guys. I don't want battle damaged figures. I hate that crap.

    Geldor: 10/10 - It don't get any better than this. He is perfect and a character I wanted for years.

    Sea Hawk: 0/10 - POP don't care

    Castle Grayskull: 4/10 - I cancelled my order. Way to small and just does not speak Grayskull to me.

    Weapons pack: 9/10 - Pretty good selection. The SLL weapons are a waste though.

    Plundor: 10/10 - A want for 25 years so it gets no better than this.

    Strongarm: 10/10 - He is perfect and another want of mine for 25 years.

    Two-Bad: 10/10 - Awesome!!!

    Glimmer: 0/10 - POP don't care

    Modulok: 10/10 - Looks as good as it gets.

    Hydron: 10/10 - Don't care for the character but the figure is incredible. They went all out on him. A lot of new tooling.

    Goat Man: 10/10 - GOAT-MAN, GOAT-MAN, GOAT-MAN!!!

    The Unnamed One: Stay tuned!!!

    Standor: 0/10 - Love Stan but this is dumb.
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    1-10, 10 highest

    Sky High + Sky Sled - 6 - Just wish they were seperate... (the Sled itself? 9!) and not coming in the middle of some very expensive months.
    Nepthu - 6. - don't mind him, like his accessories... he could stand a few more paint hits, cause he looks really friendly, and not evil.
    Lord Dactys - 9. - Blown. Away.
    Horde Troopers - 7. - something off about them. Love the multiple looks/accessories though.
    Geldor - 7. - Better than expected.
    Sea Hawk - 9. - Love him, but he looks a little off in the face; should have had a smirk.
    Kowl + Weapons pack - Kowl -10! weapons - 5. - Love the toy version! Weapons pack has a few gems but I could do without the rest.
    Castle Grayskull - 8.5 - Better than before!
    Plundor - 8 - Not bad.
    Strong-Arm - 4. - Meh. Good for his fans, though.
    Two-Bad - 9 - A stunner! I think the faces look a little old, but he's marvelous!
    Glimmer - 9.5 - Perfect, just needs a little color tweak on the hair. So happy she's not bug-eyed.
    MODULOK - 9 - Almost there. ALMOST. Give him some easy Filmation options and an additional "flat" neck piece and we're good.
    Hydron - 9 - Stunned. I never thought I'd want Hydron this much.
    Goat Man - 9 - Another stunner! Want him!

    Unnamed One - ??? - no idea, probably won't like it though..
    Bag of Bones... er Standor - how far back into the negative can I go? lol - SMH. But at least he's not forced on us.
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    Sky High + Sky Sled: 8/10 - I wish we had only the sky sled or a sled 2 pack... nothing against Sky High, but Troopers and Weapons packs on the same month kinda kill my desire to army build Sky Sleds... (I suppose it's worse for Future Castle owners)
    Nepthu: 7/10 - Needs some Eyeliner. Luckily I can skip him
    Lord Dactys: 7/10 - He's cool, but not dying to get him...
    Horde Trooper 2-pack: 8/10 - The eyes... there's something off... I hope I can have 2 Clean Troopers. I don't want 1 clean 1 messed up!
    Geldor: 8/10 - I pity him... Almost skippable.
    Sea Hawk: 9/10 - Shame that he's a sub exclusive.
    Castle Grayskull: 8/10 - Congrats to those who are getting it!! Enjoy!
    Weapons pack: 6/10 - Granamyr Weapons should have come on its own with a rack. Green sword probably for Castle Grayskull... Kowl, Rattlor stuff, Netossa sword and Strobo gun are the best things from it.
    Plundor: 8/10 - Looking Good... better than expected.
    Strongarm: 7/10- Looks good but not my cup of tea
    Two-Bad: 9/10 - Near Perfection! Love that his "Purple" isn't infecting the right leg. He is UGLY!! and that's a good thing for Two-Bad!
    Glimmer: 12/10 My favorite reveal. I am so freaking Excited about her!!
    Modulok: 10/10 Ho-Ly Crap!! He is sweet, but I like Glimmer better
    Hydron: 10/10 - So awesome! Flipshot won't be alone now! He has actual flippers!! I was expecting the duck feet!
    Goat Man: 8/10 - Looks fine but most likely skippable.
    The Unnamed One: n/a... Seriously? anything would have been better than a Question Mark...
    Standor: 9/10 - I hope he's available outside of Comikaze... I need a blue Stan Lee!! EXCELSIOR!! He needs Weapons!
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    Sky High : C (Not a character I care about, but is well done for what it is)

    Sky Sled : A+ (Love this so much! Fingers crossed for re-issued singles!)

    Nepthu : D (It's not a good thing when I like the accessories better than the figure)

    Lord Dactys : A- (Not as familiar with 200x, but he looks good!)

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : B- (Glad they're here, but the Filmation troopers look more menacing that these. Almost, but not quite..)

    Geldor : C (Accurate representation, but not someone I'm thrilled for.)

    Sea Hawk : A- (Looks really accurate, wish there was a little more.... something to him.)

    Castle Grayskull : B+ (Greatly improved since Toyfair, but until final I still reserve judgement.)

    Weapons pack : B+ (Better weapons choices and Kowl, but not happy about 'Final' part. Still a lot of reasonable fan requests that could be made.)

    Plundor : C+ (Don't hate the rabbit, but don't love him either.)

    Strong-or: B+ (Always remembered him despite a one-shot appearance. Happy to see him.)

    Two-Bad : A (Great representation with a good mix of vintage and 200x)

    Glimmer : A (Looks good, just hope Matty design doesn't 'skirt' the issue with her production figure.)

    Modulok : A (Another great update. Really like how the 4H worked out how to do his neck piece.)

    Hydron : B (Not thrilled by him, but the Horsemen did a great job of Classicising him.)

    Goat Man : C (Looks like the character, but I am non-plussed by him)

    The Unnamed One : ????? (Guess when someone from Hong Kong puts him on Ebay, we'll know. )

    Standor : B- (He's okay, and I see great custom fodder in him, but ... why?)

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    Sky High + Sky Sled: 7/10 - I'm happy to get both. I may even buy two sets.
    Nepthu: 7/10 - Looks cool to me. Much better than Geldor imo.
    Lord Dactys: 9/10 - Looks all kinds of awesome!
    Horde Trooper 2-pack: 6/10 - I'm happy to have them, but I wish there was a little more to their design (particularly their helmets). Maybe there is a little too much vintage in them and not enough "wow" or menace to them. I think this might be my biggest disappointment of SDCC. I was happier with he Snake Men army builder.
    Geldor: 5/10 - I don't see why people wanted him so bad. He's alright. At least Huntara will help make up for this poor vote choice (just my opinion of course).
    Sea Hawk: 9/10 - So happy to finally get him. He looks great!
    Castle Grayskull: 8/10- Looking good. I hope the final coloring is a bit more green like the vintage. Maybe its just the photos I've seen so far washing out the colors.
    Weapons pack: 6/10 - I'll get it Kowl and a couple of the weapons. Wish there was a bit more colo detailing to them. Some of the weapons look very bland.
    Plundor: 8/10 - I wasn't sure how he'd turn out but he is definitely a pleasant surprise. He's great!
    Strongarm: 6/10 - He looks nice. I want him for completion sake, but never a personal favorite of mine.
    Two-Bad: 10/10 - He's looks perfect. So happy with how he came out.
    Glimmer: 10/10 - She is Filmation perfect. I love the youthful face sculpt.
    Modulok: 9/10 - He's all sorts of awesome. My only reason for knocking him down one is that we don't have a Filmation like torso piece with the Horde logo.
    Hydron: 8/10 - Great look for an NA character.
    Goat Man: 7/10 - Looks cool and I'll be happy to add him to my villains.
    The Unnamed One: ? - I'm very excited about this figure. Lots of potential and a great surprise for subscription holders.
    Standor: 8/10 - He looks pretty cool. I'll need to get one.

    Overall I'm extremely happy with SDCC. I imagine we will see Filmation colors Kowl and Loo-kee later in 2014.

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 9/10
    Nepthu : 5/10
    Lord Dactys : 8/10
    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 7/10
    Geldor : 7/10
    Sea Hawk : 9/10
    Castle Grayskull : 8/10
    Weapons pack : 9/10
    Plundor : 10/10
    Strong-or: 7/10
    Two-Bad : 10/10
    Glimmer : 7/10
    Modulok : 10/10
    Hydron : 8/10
    Goat Man : 10/10
    Standor : 0/10

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 4/10
    Weapons Pack 4/10
    Nepthu : 3/10
    Lord Dactys : 9/10
    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 10/10
    Geldor : 9/10
    Sea Hawk : 9/10
    Castle Grayskull : 1/10
    Plundor : 10/10
    Strong-arm: 10/10
    Two-Bad : 10/10
    Glimmer : 8/10
    Modulok : 10/10
    Hydron : 8/10
    Goat Man : 10/10
    The Unnamed One : ??/10
    Standar : 5/10
    Scorpia: 10/10
    Doomsday: 10/10
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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 10/10 ahhh yeah! A 2-pack where I actually want both parts!

    Nepthu : 5/10 - Not too familiar with the character. Fig looks good and colorful, but bland per Filmation's illustration.

    Lord Dactys : 6/10 - Figure looks great. I'm just not a huge fan of the character.

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 9/10 - The roundness of the helmets seem a lil off to me.

    Geldor : 8/10 - He looks great!

    Sea Hawk : 8/10 - A great Filmation fig! Nice detailing

    Castle Grayskull : 8/10 - At least He-Man has some headroom in the entrance now!

    Kowl : 10/10!!! - And he even comes with a bunch of accessories!

    Plundor : 5/10 - Fig is nice, and the axe is awesome. Sadly, I'm not interested.

    Strong-or (= Strongarm) : 7/10 - Awesome sculpt. Great detailing for a Filmation character.

    Two-Bad : 9/10 - Will there be a flat-back variant!?!

    Glimmer : 7/10 - She looks Glimtastic, but I'm not a interested.

    Modulok : 8/10 - Bring on the vintage fun!

    Hydron : 7/10 - Great detail and new tooling. Man, he looks like a Centurion! Brilliant colors too.

    Goat Man : 4/10 - Not interested.

    The Unnamed One : ?

    Standor : 6/10 - I love Stan Lee, but this wasn't "Amazing!" Cool helmet, and great face detail though!

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    I'm a little disappointed this year. is it the sculpts the paint apps. what?
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    Here are my thoughts:

    Sky High + Sky Sled : 4/10 - Failure. You just can't pack an army builder vehicle with a singular character. I give it 4 just because the character is cool and well designed and the vehicle is awesome... but who the hell thought it would be a good idea to pack them together? I would buy some 3 Sleds if they came alone, or with an army building character. In this case I'm getting one and calling it a day. Shame on you Mattel!

    Nepthu : 0/10 - Awful figure. The choice wasn't brilliant for my taste (considering now that we will only get Masque if we're lucky), but I can live with that since this line is about getting figures for every fan. But even if I was a fan of this character I would be in a rage for how they butchered his face. When you put out an obscure/less demanded character you must make it great looking to compensate for obscurity (the shared parts also don't help). They did just the opposite.

    Lord Dactys : 7/10 - Cool concept of a character but I don't like his face design, it somehow shows that it belongs in a different style (MYP) and that doesn't please me that much. Nothing wrong with the translation though, very solid sculpt from the 4HM!

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 9/10 - Pretty solid sculpt of a great design. They have a shield which will go along nicely with the Blue Hordak. Don't need to say much!

    Geldor : 7/10 - Not a fan of the character but it was well translated.

    Sea Hawk : 6/10 - I personally don't like the boots they've chosen, since I think the black ones would give it an overall better look. Also, the chubby vest kills it for me. It's a shame because the shield is very nice along with the sword and face sculpt, but from the neck down I really don't like him.

    Castle Grayskull : On Roast Gooble Dinner 80 (or 81, one of those two) Scott said they wouldn't do it just for the sake of doing it, that they wanted it to be the best toy ever. Not the best toy ever in my book by far. I'm not going to rate it because I don't want to sound unfair, after all I know it is a very hard task to do this right, but I just can't give enough credit to Scott/Matty to overlook some of the mistakes done during this process. Let's just say that, to me, the Grayskull reveal is very underwhelming.

    Weapons pack : 5/10 - Don't need nothing in there besides Kowl, which I really like! I will buy the pack, but for the price I would want more. 5 just for Kowl.

    Plundor : 9/10 (10/10 for the inclusion of Skeletor's axe!) - Very good! I always liked this character a lot, and the Horsemen did an awesome job especially with the face! Way to go! Now I just don't understand how the same people that made this one could be so careless with Nephtu.

    Strongarm : 10/10 - Great translation, and the 10 goes for him being one of my favorites and most wanted since my childhood. Again I'll recall Nephtu: see how they didn't go cheap on Strongarm, and made the necessary new parts? AMAZING FIGURE!

    Two-Bad : 10/10 - Couldn't ask for more than this. This is how the vintage figures should be treated, not like the cheap versions of the Rock Men. When a vintage figure has different parts those should be directly translated to the modern toy, no excuses!

    Glimmer : 8/10 - Netossa is awesome. Castaspella is gorgeous. Glimmer is magnificent. And all this is killing me since I will never be able to have a Frosta that can live up to these three... in fact that's the reason I'm not giving a 10 to Glimmer. That and the fact that she will come with a skirt (yeah that's just the prototype).

    Modulok : 8/10 - I'll give him a 9 if I can be proven that it is possible to put an extra leg on his butt to make the Filmation version of the character. But even then he is not bulky enough to resemble his cartoon version, so he'll get an 8 for now.

    Hydron : 5/10 - A figure that I don't like (Not because I don't like NA, in fact Optikk is one of my all time favorites). Though unlike Nephtu (again) they went all the way on him and didn't spare on the details. And for that I give him a 5.

    Goat Man (EVIL MASTER OF 80's HEAVY METAL) : 10/10 - This guy is bad ass. He looks like he was sculpted by SATAN himself! For that, and just for that, he gets a 10.

    Standor : 7/10 - I like his looks. Would like to know who was behind the concept for the overall design of this figure, but it seems to have the 4HM touch, and it sure shows.

    Overall a great set of reveals, I'm all in for next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    I'm a little disappointed this year. is it the sculpts the paint apps. what?
    I am a bit disappointed too, but for me it is the selection of characters and weapons. The only sculpt defect is in the horde troopers, since they don't look bulky.

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    Sky High + Sky Sled : 10/10 Awesomesauce!

    Nepthu : 2.5/10 2.5points for the bird.

    Lord Dactys : 4/10 does not realy look like classics/ normal hands and Hordak feet wouldīve been better.

    Horde Trooper 2-pack : 7/10 is the head too high or not? If not then 9/10!

    Geldor : 9/10 He rocks! Color is a little off and heīs missing the shield,so no full 10.

    Sea Hawk : 8/10 cool!

    Castle Grayskull : 8/10 The paint has to improve, especially on the "metall" parts!

    Weapons pack : 7/10 good.

    Plundor : 9/10 absolute goofy coolness!

    Strong-or (= Strongarm) : 4/10 looks a little cheap.

    Two-Bad : 10/10 perfecto!

    Glimmer : 8/10 nice face.

    Modulok : 10/10 !SCORE!

    Hydron : 8/10 looks cool for NA!

    Goat Man : 11/10 He gets one extra point for the real Staff of Avion

    The Unnamed One : ? ok 8/10 for the surprise (hopefully itīs not King Spector or something like that ;-) )

    Standor : 9/10 heīs missing his cosmic staff of funkyness!

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    Feb 2011
    Despondos (Also known as outside of Granite City, IL)
    My “Rate the Reveals” post.
    Reveals are rated on a scale from 1 through 10 (10 being highest). I’m not rating Batros or Mantenna, as they have already been revealed.

    Sky High and Sky Sled: 7. Both look pretty cool and I like Sky High’s design. A removable emblem and Horde emblem would have bumped him higher.


    Lord Dactus: 7. He looks pretty darn neat
    Nepthu (Filmation) 5. He looks better than expected, kind of warming to him
    Horde Troopers: 11. I have wanted these guys forever. I LOVED them as a kid. Been waiting for this all year
    Weapons Pack (out of sub): 4. Kowl is cool (although I would prefer Filmation Kowl), Rattlors Armor and Strobo’s gun are great, the rest is ok. If they had revealed Filmation Kowl I would probably pass.


    Seahawk (Filmation exclusive): 8. He is cool and I am glad he is coming. He looks good too.
    Geldor w stickers
    Caste Grayskull (out of sub) 9.5. Loving how it looks! Would be a 10, but there is still that part of me nervous about seeing the final item.
    Grayskull tiered stands (out of sub) 8. These will really help out some of my back rows

    Plundor: 6. He is goofy, but I kind of like him
    Strong-or (Filmation) 5. He looks fine, but I don’t really remember him or have much attachment. I imagine I will like him better when I have him in hand.


    Two Bad: 10. Looks great, LOVE the guy, and that finishes the Evil Warrior faction for me
    Glimmer: 15. Seriously, a frakking 15! I have ALWAYS wanted a Glimmer who looks just like this. She is perfect.

    Modulok ($40): 9. He looks really good, much better than I expected. I may not display him with the green eyed head though.


    Hydron: 6. He looks pretty good I will admit. In the end I am just glad to get him and get him out of the way. Him and hopefully Flogg soon after increases the remote possibility of Crita.

    Unnamed One (Club Exclusive): *Judgment Reserved*. This is honestly kind of a letdown. I’ll admit there has been a little part of me since I was a kid who wondered who that was when mentioned in the old mini comic. I don’t like not getting to see him. That is a pretty risky move, and he does not really qualify as an “All Star” in my book. There are a lot of other sub exclusives that would have been stronger.

    Then again, he could be like Horde Prime and I could LOVE his design…so we shall see.
    Horde Empire Map: 8. Pretty excited about this map!
    The Fall of Eternia mini comic: 6. Could be neat, time will tell
    Goatman: 9. He looks awesome! Plus he is a character I remember as a kid and one that I always wanted. Plus having the mini comic staff made so Stratos can hold it is a nice touch.

    Huntara winning the vote: 10. I think masque has a good chance to be made anyway.

    Standor: 1. No real desire
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