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Thread: New Characters in MOTUC Action Features (If they were first made in the 80's)

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    New Characters in MOTUC Action Features (If they were first made in the 80's)

    So Matty/Toyguru gave this answer in the Q&A:
    Quote Originally Posted by Matty
    Some of those figures were indeed designed with an action feature in mind. Others; not so much. So for some of them we have an answer:
    Bandwidth - real working AM radio in his chest
    Beast Lord - swivel waist like Beastman
    Despara - slashing double swords
    Fang-Or - elongating fangs push down from mouth with back lever
    Gladiator - swivel waist. Lots of weapons
    Goldenrod – Magnets in chest and back
    Hans Hammer Holder - smashing arm with back lever
    He-Ro II - Swivel waist
    Lady Slither - swappable bottom torso with legs and snake tail
    Red Shadow - color change in water
    Robotwoman - guns snap into shoulders and legs
    Skeleteen - swivel waist
    Snarrll The snow Thief - color change in freezer
    Standar - Light up chest
    Strettch Nek - expanding neck (like Mek)
    Tufos - Swivel waist
    Unnamed One - accessory would have a feature like Orko in vintage line
    Vypor - swivel waist
    This got me thinking, what about the others. I thought through it with the 30th Anniversary characters. And we have more new characters in this line (Filmation, Concept, Art, etc.).
    Castle Grayskullman
    Sir Laserlot
    SM Sherrilyn
    Strong Arm
    Shadow Weaver
    Snake Man-At-Arms
    Snake Men Army
    Palace Guards
    Filmation Randor
    Queen Marlena
    Captain Marlena
    Mo-Larr (yes... I'm including him. You don't have to include him or make comments)
    King Grayskull
    Faceless One
    Lord Dactus
    Chief Carnivous
    Horde Prime
    Spirit of Hordak
    The Goddess
    Sea Hawk
    King He-man
    Battleground Teela
    Major Header
    Brain Wave
    Shadow Beast
    Count Marzo

    I have ideas but I wanted to hear what others have come up with.
    What do you all think would be their action features?
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    Draego-Man - Light-up flame sword - similar to Laser power He-Man
    Cy-Chop - Spring-loaded scissor hands
    Sir Laserlot - Light-up feature
    Strong Arm - Spring-loaded arm
    Scorpia - rubbery scorpion tail like Whiplash with spring-loaded waist
    Shadow Weaver - press lever on back to see arms spring out
    Zodak - sprng loaded arm
    Icer - Torso, shoulders and tops of the legs have water in them, put him in the freezer to see the water freeze up.
    Faceless One - glow in the dark face
    Lord Dactus - spring-loaded arms - similar to Blade
    Octavia - rubbery tentacles
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    Skeletor's back
    Draego-Man - maybe flapping wings or a spark feature similar to Saurod
    Spector - like Scott already mentioned the energy blade would slide out of the cosmic key device
    Cy-Chop - scissors like the MOTUc version has, plus some exchangeable parts for his belt loops
    Castle Grayskullman - swivel waist and arms like Blade
    Sir Laserlot - light up feature in laser parts, very similar to Laser Power variants
    Dawg-O-Tor - swivel waist
    SM Sherrilyn - shield accessory with working gears
    Plundor - swivel waist; also includes barrel with oily slime
    Fangman - moving tongue and swivel waist
    Nepthu - swivel waist; includes sand minion accessory
    Shokoti - includes several darklings with bendy arms and a spell accessory
    Batros - wing flapping feature, also includes a stack of books
    Strong Arm - extending arm with a smashing feature similar to Fisto
    Vikor - swivel waist
    Vykron - swivel waist
    Space Ace - rocket firing mechanism in jwetpack (Boba Fett style, baby!)
    Tank Top - projectile firing battle helmet
    Demo-man - part of a "build-a-Skeletor" Set together with Keldor; with exchangeable pieces; swivel waist
    Ditztroyer - roton staff with ripcord
    Scorpia - swivel waist with striking tail
    Shadow Weaver - arms are quickly raised by pushing of a lever to create a threatening spell casting pose
    Snake Man-At-Arms - scaley snake face disappears by either putting him in tthe freezer or by a turning face drum (think Man-E-Faces)
    Snake Men Army - loads of accessories
    Palace Guards - loads of accessories
    Filmation Randor - awesome sitting action!
    Zodak - either light up or glow in the dark tattoos
    Mo-Larr - floss with mint scent to capture enemies
    King Grayskull - swivel waist
    Faceless One - holografic face, that appears and disappears depending on the angle
    Lord Dactus - soword strinking action and flapping wings
    Dekker - swivel waist
    Chief Carnivous - swivel waist
    Wun-Dar - special mail-in figure with swivel waist
    Icer - changes color in the freezer
    Kronis - would have been part of New Adventures line (he was a space mutant in my canon) -
    Keldor - part of "build-a-Skeletor" set together with Demo-Man, exchangeable parts
    Sky-High - arms are raised into a flying pose by pushing a button
    Octavia - bendy tentacles like Squeeze's arms
    Horde Prime - Secret face and several attachments that are exchangeable with his arms
    Spirit of Hordak - he's translucent...
    Geldor - swivel waist
    Granamyr - he's a big hollow piece of plastic... he sits...
    The Goddess - translucent skin
    Sea Hawk - punching action and swivel waist
    King He-man - swivel waist
    Battleground Teela - same as regular version
    Gygor - spring loaded smashing arms
    Strobo - reflecting mirror in chest to annoy siblings
    Goat Man - swivel waist and spring loaded arms
    Photog - hologram in chest and light up feature - maybe like a projector
    Griffin - like BC or Panthor but with moveable wings
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    Snarrll The snow Thief - color change in freezer
    Damn, that would be an awesome figure!

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    Great, now I want a Lady Slither figure more than ever!

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    well obviously my creation Bubblor would have a bubble-shooting gun! complete with sticky, refillable bubble solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerJim View Post
    well obviously my creation Bubblor would have a bubble-shooting gun! complete with sticky, refillable bubble solution.
    As a big fan of figures like Mutagen Man or Slush Head, I was quite bummed that he didn't get made.
    I hope we'll get him somehow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    Icer - Torso, shoulders and tops of the legs have water in them, put him in the freezer to see the water freeze up.
    WOW! That is an awesome suggestion! I want to see that figure!!!
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    My thoughts:

    Draego-Man - Spark Shooter similar to Saurod
    Spector - Pop-out Knife like Spikor
    Cy-Chop - Spring-loaded Scissors like Clawful
    Sir Laserlot - light in his chest that would shine through his chest and plume
    SM Sherrilyn - Working gear shield
    Plundor - Oil/Slime would come out of his hands
    Fangman - Tongue Flick like Tongue Lashor but shorter, googly eyes
    Shokoti - Color Changing in water
    Darkling - Bendy Tentacles like Squeeze's arms
    Strong Arm - Extending Arm like Extendar, Spring loaded like Ram Man
    Castle Grayskullman - Spring loaded waist and arms
    Dawg-O-Tor - Spring loaded waist
    Nepthu - Head flip like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Tigersharks from Old man to
    Batros - Spring loaded arms to show the wings like Sorceress
    Vikor - Spring loaded waist and arms
    Vykron - Spring loaded waist
    Space Ace - launching rocket
    Tank Top - shoot something out of the tank
    Demo-man - Spring loaded waist
    Ditztroyer - Spinning waist like Sy-Clone
    Scorpia - Bendy Tail like Squeeze's arms, spring loaded waist
    Shadow Weaver - Glow in the Dark eyes and hands
    Snake Man-At-Arms - Duncan to SMAA effect, like the infaceables
    Snake Men Army - 1 with a snapping jaw (spring hinged lower or upper jaw), the other with bendy limbs like Squeeze's arms
    Palace Guards - Rotating Drum like BA He-man & Skeletor
    Filmation Randor - Raises cup to his lips with lever in the back
    Queen Marlena/Captain Marlena - removeable skirt and space helmet
    Zodak - skin tattoos change color in water or glow in the dark
    Mo-Larr - Spring loaded arm for pulling teeth, teeth change color in water (yellow to white)
    King Grayskull - spring loaded waist
    Faceless One - Head becomes clear in cold water
    Lord Dactus - flapping wings like Flutterina
    Dekker - spring loaded waist
    Chief Carnivous - furry like Grizzlor
    Wun-Dar - spring loaded waist, smell like bread
    Icer - Would change color in the freezer, also liquid that would freeze inside him
    Kronis - spring loaded waist
    Keldor - face would change from keldor to skeletor like Man-E-Faces or Infaceables
    Sky-High - Spring loaded wings on his back (what became his weapon/staff)
    Octavia - bendy tentacles like Squeeze's arms
    Horde Prime - Removeable Helmet and interchangeable hands
    Spirit of Hordak - changed to clear in warm water
    Geldor - sping loaded waist, hair changed colors in water (gray to black)
    Granamyr - Flapping wings, opening mouth
    The Goddess - glow in the dark
    Sea Hawk - spring loaded waist, glow in the dark sword and shield
    King He-man - spring loaded waist
    Battleground Teela - hair changed color in water (red to yellow)
    Bubblor - bubbles molded into the plastic and place to blow bubbles in his chest or weapon
    Ra-Jar - 6 spring loaded arms
    Major Header - removeable head
    Three-Beast - spring loaded waist and arms
    Muckman - slime can come out of his chest
    Netta - can separate and reattach to trap
    Compactor - suction cups like Leech
    Eye-Beam - Pupil/Iris can move with a lever on the back
    Brain Wave - a small pump in the back would pump slime or colored liquid over the brain
    Gygor - moving jaw, spring loaded arm
    Griffen - removable wings and armor
    Goatman - spring loaded arm
    Shadow Beast - Would change to a clear smoke color in water
    Count Marzo - spring loaded waist, Talisman would glow in the dark

    And I think I see the issue with some of the New figures, many of them don't scream "action feature". Which is something that should be a key part in creating new characters for MOTU. Just my thoughts.
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    What would the action features been in the vintage line for ....

    I bought Dekker on Ebay the other day. I really really like the figure and I'm really impressed with how he turned out. As it's been stated many times that characters that didn't appear in the vintage line are updated to Classics as if they had been made in the vintage line - it got me wondering ... what would the action feature have been on Dekker if he'd been around in the 80's?

    I was thinking perhaps a 'twist & smash' waist/arm mechanism similar to FF He-Man. Any other suggestions?

    How about some of the other figures that never appeared in the vintage line?

    Count Marzo
    Sea Hawk
    Faceless One
    Draego Man
    Demo Man
    Chief Carnivus
    Goat Man

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    My guesses:
    Count Marzo: Raising the left hand with the Medallion by a tab on the back
    Sea Hawk : Waist Twist punch
    Faceless One: Glow in the Dark head (Wonder why Mattel didn't do that?)
    Draego Man: One of two things Soft wings and tail (flapping wings and "whiplash tail" or a "flame feature" like Saurod's
    Icer: Color Change with temperature. Similar to SDCC Orko
    Demo Man: Waist twist Punch
    Chief Carnivus: Waist Twist Punch
    Vikor: Waist twist punch
    Goat Man: Waist twist Punch
    Shokoti: no idea
    Batros: no idea
    Geldor: Waist twist punch
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