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Thread: Wonder Woman - The Movie - Release in June 2017

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    Wonder Woman - The Movie - Release in June 2017

    anyone excited to see this movie? i am for sure. about damn time she is on the big screen. i liked GG on BvS, was not much screen time, but i enjoyed her appearance, especially the glowing lasso around Doomsday.

    now with her movie in mid production.. will we get to see the invisible jet in the movie? i hope so.. we have too, its a must. she cant be using regular commercial airlines to get around

    i'm also happy the director of the movie in charge. she is good and past movies she really brings out much more out of an actor imo.

    also read, that will get to see more of her powers in this movie.

    anyone else excited for this movie?
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    It is about time she got a movie.

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    For me, Wonder Woman was the best part of Dawn of Justice (although in hindsight, I'm flabbergasted that they didn't actually "name" the character at all in the film, either as Diana or Wonder Woman. The only identification was a throwaway "Ms Prince").

    I have high hopes for the solo Wonder Woman film. I like what little I have seen and heard to date, although I'm hopeful that it's tone is a little lighter and the cinematography is a little brighter than DoJ. I know that Gal Gadot has said that it's still a dark movie, as well it should be given that it takes place during WW1, but Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and others on Diana's team should hopefully provide some welcome comedic relief from all of the darkness.

    And I want to see some toys! Mattel had better not skip the movie when it comes to merchandising, although I expect that they will in order to maximise merchandise for Justice League. I'd like action figures of Diana in her Themyscira gear, Wonder Woman gear, civilian disguise gear, etc. Not to mention Steve Trevor, assorted Amazons including Queen Hippolyta and the villain/s.

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    Hell yes!

    It's about time.

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    Very excited for this movie and Suicide Squad. I can't believe that it's taken this long to get a WW movie!
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    OMG I am beyond excited, and my daughters almost jumped out of their skin when they saw WW in the BvS preview! The littler one stood up in her seat and screamed "Wonder Woman!" I too am hoping for some major toy tie-in action.

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