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Thread: My annoyances with computers

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    My annoyances with computers

    That is, this thread is about the utter crap that bugs me about the physical design of computers, not the software.

    I admit, the sheer number of USB plugs irritates me. This is supposed to be a generally universal format of cable- hence the name Universal Serial BUS. I mean, by default, it's 4 pins- 2 for data, 2 for power. But go figure that there have to be at least 4 standard connectors- the larger A(the one that goes in your PC, usually), the squared B(printer/scanner type), the smaller mini-B(cheap MP3 players and cameras use these) and micro(cell phones). Oh but there are piles of proprietary USB connectors now just to make you buy the charging/data cable from the company that made the thing. Plus, despite simple wiring, older USB 1.1 cables aren't always 2.0 compatible. And of course now we have a 10-pin variety thanks to USB 3.0, of which I bought one by mistake(I got a mini-B 10-pin from a poorly-labeled eBay listing), and don't ask me what those are used for beyond maybe the GoPro cameras, but they will not fit a normal mini-B plug.

    Mind you, any sort of proprietary part irks me. Things like cooling fans, power supplies and internal cables should be made to a standard. And for the most part they are, but Dell really seems to enjoy making parts that are not to standard design specs, if only by the physical shape of the part. This is the pain that Apple customers have to deal with quite often with mere power cords.

    And whoever designs PC cases really needs to stop making them so small. I had to extract my PSU this evening because the fan inside it was making noises and needed to be oiled. Between removing the CPU cooler just to get it out, unplugging the cables(the 20-pin especially was a nightmare, I was half afraid the connector was going to break before it budged), extracting and disassembling it, then putting back together, this task took over an hour just to add 2 drops of oil into a fan. But between this PC and the old Compaq, any time I have to go in and work on any of the hardware, the only thing that never gives me hassle is maybe the rear case fan. Everything else is just too cramped. Cases honestly need to be larger by a good 6" either dimension. The tower design especially is just poorly thought out. I have a Dell I use as a second PC to run XP on, and that is a tiny bit easier to tinker around inside- at the very least, even if I have to take components out to get to other ones, it's a much easier process to get them out.

    I can only dread what someone with a slim form factor case has to go through, if these normal sized towers I mess with are barely spacious enough. Maybe this is why people opt to go to PC repair shops, these things are almost as hard as cars to work on even though they should be simple, all because the components are just crammed in too tight.

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    At the upper-top level of controllers/bankers/CEOs, they are still covering up the anti-gravity frequency device used to build the Giza Pyramids and Coral Castle(Florida)...

    ..I think they are not 'trying' to be helpful towards the little people.

    Take cell phones, why do they break easier now than 10-20 years ago, and more expensive?

    They don't want you building your own stuff.

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