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Thread: Looking To Trade Your Spare SDCC Rokkon & Stonedar?

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    Looking To Trade Your Spare SDCC Rokkon & Stonedar?

    I would love to avoid Matty next month and score a Rokkon & Stonedar set from someone who may have picked up an extra set over the weekend. If you have a set still mint in package, and would like to trade, I would do any three of the following MOC figures for your Rokkon & Stonedar:

    The Goddess
    Evil-Lyn (The Original burst on package)
    Faker (The Original burst on package)
    Stratos (The Original burst on package)
    The Next 13 I Need To Have: Lord Masque, Classic Toy Costume Catra, Quakke, Sagitar, Negator, Granita, Bould-Or, Crita, Lady Slither, Bubblor, Major Header, Compactor, Queen Elmora (She-Demon Of Phantos)

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    I have one, but I am looking for Sorceress, Stinkor, and a few of the weapons paks mostly.

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