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Thread: WTB Vintage 80's toys (sealed or loose) Considering any line.

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    WTB Vintage 80's toys (sealed or loose) Considering any line.

    Hey guys.

    I'm looking to buy 80's toys - Thundercats, Super Powers, GI Joe, Secret Wars, LJN Wrestling, Real/Filmation Ghostbusters, Sectaurs, Madballs, Bravestarr, Infaceables, Inhumanoids, M.U.S.C.L.E., Rambo, Secret Wars, Sky Commanders, Super Naturals, TMNT, Karate kid etc. I'll basically consider anything. I'm preferably looking for sealed items but will consider loose providing the items are in excellent to mint condition and complete. If you have loose, I'm not looking to pick up 1 item at a time. I'd prefer to buy in lots. Anyway PM me if you have anything. Thanks.
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