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Thread: Big Lots Figures 4 Sale or Trade

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    Big Lots Figures 4 Sale or Trade

    I'm looking more to sell these to make up for the unexpected money I spent on the Big Lots figures I am keeping for myself since this whole Big Lots situation kinda came out of nowhere and I wasn't budgeting for it. I know a few people are offering for 15 or 15 with a finders fee, am offering for 20+ shipping. Also I'll sell them at 17+ Shipping if you want them loose cause I hate boxing up packages. Im doing that because of the gas I spent searching impulsively and the time spent resulting in my wife yelling at me for not doing chores. And also because at that price I can part with them and not convince myself to keep them for customs.

    I know it is unlikely, but I will also trade if anyone has an extra loose Laserlot or Spector that they are sick of looking at. Really didn't want to buy them but I do kinda hate that hole in my collection. On the same token if you army built the hell out of Palace Guards or Snakemen and no longer have that much self space id be happy to trade for them as well however unlikely.

    What I have (which I compiled without cleaning out any Big Lots)

    2 Catra - Sold

    2 Clawful - SOLD

    2 Mossman -Sold

    2 Grizzlor - Sold

    1 King Grayskull - SOLD

    - - - Updated - - -

    Updated with purchases.
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