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Thread: 2013 lineup - glad you subbed?

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    I haven't subscribed because I couldn't afford it but I wanted to (I am a subscriber only for the Filmation sub).
    Including the filmation sub that's the only figures I would have to sell:
    1. Netossa (I don't collect POP except for few characters)
    2. King He-Man (He isn't in my canon)
    3. Snake Face (The vintage version is enough for me)
    4. Karatti (I don't collect NA figures)
    5. Clamp Champ (The vintage version is enough for me)
    6. NA He-Man (I don't collect NA figures)
    7. Castaspella (I don't collect POP except for few characters)
    8. Nepthu (I don't like it)
    9. Lord Dactus (I don't collect MYP except for few characters)
    10. Strong-Arm (I don't like it)

    As far as I am concerned that's the best lineup since the 2008/09 line up!!! (the best line-up ever)

    I'll be a subscriber for the 2014 despite I already know that I have to sell Glimmer and Hydron.
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    Very glad I subbed.

    Mainly for the 3 sub exclusives we've gotten so far (woulda been ****** if I ended up Champless). None of the characters are duds to me. Of course I like some characters more than others, but I'm not going to (complain) as if thinking Mattel is only going to make half the characters- coincidentally (and egoistically) only the ones that I want. I know full well what I signed up for and I'm happy to do it year after year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes0217 View Post
    I feel from what we've seen so far, 2014 will be a stronger year for Club Eternia right out of the gate.

    For 2013, out of the 18 characters we got, I call 5 duds...
    My Dud List
    1) King He-Man - Design is bad.

    2) Jitsu - Head is unbearably small

    3) Fang Man - Well executed but I don't want goofy Filmation designed characters.

    4) Dactys - Too 200X looking. Doesn't fit with other designs.

    5) Plundor - See #3

    5 out of 18 isn't bad until you add it up...$30 each x 5 duds = $150!

    I also subscribed to Club Filmation and if I add my dud from that sub, I spent another $30 on duds. (Nepthu)

    But I'm not complaining. If finding a solution for these 6 duds ensures I get all the other figures I want, I'll take em in a heartbeat.

    And I can only hope I'll dodge the Razz bullet again in 2014! Fingers crossed.
    Yeah, but you could have sold Fang Man and King He-Man for over the retail price when they first came out, and that would have covered the other 3. I know when King He-Man first came out, people were paying $80 or so for him, and Fang Man was going for at least $60 - $70.

    Crap like Karatti is what won't move unless you take a loss.
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    King He-Man, and Plundor (and Nepthu counting the Filmation sub) are the only duds for me, and even those aren't so unbearably awful--just annoying that characters I want more may not happen while those three did.
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    I'm very glad I subbed again this year. While there are say 4 or 5 not so good figures, that extra $100 to $125 would have been what I paid for in mark up buying from the secondary market on figures I really did want. That keeps me subbing because I'd rather have 4 or 5 so so figures than not have them for the same price. I'll sub again in 2014 as well for just the same reason.

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    I've always been happy to sub, and I feel like 2013 might be the best year yet in terms of character selection, execution, and overall quality control (and shipping's been super-fast this year, too! A major plus!).
    Looking back (and forward), there's only a few figures I don't care for (as opposed to 2012, which I felt was such a weird 50/50 mix of "OMG- FINALLY!" and "OMG- WTH is THAT and WHY?!?!").
    My duds are:
    King He-Man (just... not going to stand the test of time, I'm afraid. When all is said and done, and time passes and I look at the shelf, I'm going to wish Flying Fists, Snake Armor, Ice Armor or Alcala Mini-Comics He-Man had been the 2013 sub exclusive instead. King He-Man is nothing I ever wanted and nobody I would have ever missed. He just didn't come out very good, overall.)

    Nepthu (Filmation sub is separate, sure... but things are tight and the Filmation sub has 5 really amazing action figures, that to have this 6th one be such a waste of a slot is always going to sting. Negator, Vultak, Lord Masque, Imp, a Filmation Hordak... any one of those choices would have been superior to Nepthu).

    Geldor (he's just not as terribly an interesting-looking action figure as I hoped he would be. I don't get what they were thinking when they created that axe- it looks especially shoddy like a fan-made custom, and he just looks very one-dimensional. I wish the Horsemen could have beefed this design up a bit... for the first-ever "FAN VOTED!" character in the line, they didn't bother going all-out to make him a memorable release )

    Plundor (this is just something that shouldn't be happening in the main line at this point, IMO. A perfect character for a Con Exclusive, for sure. But this- this has the potential to be the very last MOTUC subscription figure released... and frankly it should have been a vintage PoP, NA, or MOTU figure taking December's slot).

    Other than that, I've loved pretty much everything. Had some issues with how they handled Netossa, think the final Weapons Pak should have been tweaked (heck, if you're giving us Kowl, may as well have put Imp or Loo-Kee in there as well in place of those gold Grayskull weapons and all of the Trap-Jaw & Roboto pieces!), and will always wish the Rock Warriors had smaller rock armor pieces. But other than that, I love that we got Ram Man, that Octavia exceeded my expectations, that the Fighting Foe Men turned out to be some fun action figures put out in a nicely-done three-pack, nobody was missing paint apps or had reversed pieces... I could go on.
    If it goes through, I very much look forward to what 2014 has to offer. But if 2013 is the end, it's been a pretty solid year! It's just a shame about some of the 4th quarter choices... there are some glaring missteps that, if 2014 DOES go through, that ToyGuru and the Horsemen would be wise NOT to repeat... 4th quarter 2014 HAS to be just as solid as the first, otherwise they might not have a customer base when the 2015 sub comes a-calling.
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    YES! Now, let's make this poll possible for next year,too

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    I am very pleased as usual with the offerings for this year! Both subs have been and will continue to be great! Next year looks amazing too-I will be buying my sub soon.
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    Overall, I'm pleased. I certainly ended up with more toys than I would have if I were a selective buyer this year (which is a large part of why I'm not doing it again). Ram-Man was worth the price of admission. I took losses on some of the figures I've sold, but only Karatti was really bad ($9.75 on eBay). I couldn't sell the FFM, but the customs I turned them into were pretty cool (Shield Maiden became Blade Maiden with two Teela swords and the helmeted Teela head, "Palace Guard Recruit Duncan", and marvel's Taskmaster). I'm very excited for Mantenna and the Horde Troopers.

    And I might be the only guy looking forward to Plundor. I'm taking that SOB to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Adam's Dad View Post
    And I might be the only guy looking forward to Plundor. I'm taking that SOB to work.
    I am too! He's just too goofy to not love.

    Also I'm pretty surprised in the results of this poll so far. The way folks talk I expected the folks who regretted subbing would be way higher. Glad to see that most folks were happy!
    Right or wrong, buying a sub tells Mattel you want more MOTUC figures. Not buying does tells them you don't. Don't let MOTUC end early because you might not like their marketing strategy! Plus polls show you won't regret subbing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    Yeah, but you could have sold Fang Man and King He-Man for over the retail price when they first came out, and that would have covered the other 3. I know when King He-Man first came out, people were paying $80 or so for him, and Fang Man was going for at least $60 - $70.

    Crap like Karatti is what won't move unless you take a loss.
    I like Karatii. He fits well with the other "space type" characters.

    As for the others, I opened Fang Man so I could give his sword to Alcala Skeletor to stand in for his "lightning blade" and because once my son saw him, he wouldn't let me sell him. (I'll give it to Filmation, their goofy designs still appeal to little kids.) I "fixed" King He-Man by splitting him up into two different figures one of whom is King He-Man and the other is an all new "King" character. I don't mind that terribly deformed crowned head so much if it isn't supposed to be He-Man. Watch my blog Insidious Customs for an all new "The Little Differences" post to see them.

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    A resounding YES!

    Seriously, 2013 was one of MOTUC's greatest years.... and it's only gonna get better!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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