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Thread: MOTUC: If you aren't subbing, why not?

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    MOTUC: If you aren't subbing, why not?

    In the past it has seemed that many fans want to complete their vintage collections (MOTU & POP) and get the top requested Filmation, NA, and other media characters to boot.

    And based on what's been suggested for 2014 & 2015, we should be getting the greater bulk of remaining vintage toy figures from MOTU and POP as well as some of the key NA vintage figures.

    Some would surely be pack-ins and others would be 2-packs or beast slots, and a couple might be exclusives. We might see some key variants mixed in there as well and maybe other mini-comic, NA, or MYP characters as well.

    So, with our chance to "complete" the collection on thin ice, what's keeping you away?
    And what would bring you back for 2014 and 2015?

    Here are some of the comments repeated on the forum. Do any of the following apply to you? Do you have other reasons? Please list them.

    * Remaining characters hold little interest?
    If so, what can be done to ameliorate this? Man-At-Arms and Trap-Jaw are done. The characters are what they are at this point. I love them all personally, and can't wait to see 4H takes on all of the above, but the extended fanbase might not be eager for many of these characters. If this is your beef, what could improve the situation for you? Throwing in more variants of He-Man and Skeletor? Or do you feel there's nothing that would help in this regard?

    *Matty, DR, QC issues? I believe that Customer Service and QC has, overall, improved over the past year, and am not sure what more can be done at this juncture. We've had the occasional problem (Staff of Avion paint issue) but overall it has been pretty good lately from what I've been seeing. Is DR or QC still an issue for you? If so, what do you like to see done in terms of further improvement? Pretty sure DR is here to stay as long as the line lasts, so "get rid of DR" isn't an option.

    *Burned out - too many figures taking up too much space or too much stress collecting the line? Would you rather they end it and start all over with something completely new? Thoughts here. On one hand, it'd be fun to have a new line but on the other it'd be a crying shame to have a collection that feels "unfinished," IMO. I still feel that way about the 200X line and I'd hate to feel the same way about Classics. Remember - No Rio? We Riot!

    * Expense
    - Has this line gotten too expensive? Quarterly shipping helps, but is it enough to help you out money-wise? At this point, it's clear that nothing can really be done about price. Personally, I put it on my card and pay it back as I go along, sometimes not all at once alas, but I know this doesn't work for everyone.

    Feedback is encouraged here. I'm not sure what can be done to bring back those who left. For those who think it's all scare tactics, believe me, the meter is the real deal. If they don't hit the minimum in 2014 and 2015 (if we make it that far), the line is dead. Last year was NOT scare tactics and neither is this year.

    I have NO doubt that we can do it, and I have no doubt the 4H will knock out phenomenal MOTUC figures in 2014 & 2015, but it takes two to tango - Matty AND the fans. Without the subs, we'll get a handful more figures and that's it. It sucks, but that's the way it goes. With the 2 years of subs we'll at least complete our vintage collections and get some popular characters from other media.

    There are 3 weeks to go, so I'm hoping it'll go through!
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    I refuse to support the "sub or die" sales model.

    And even if I didn't have a problem throwing thousands of potential collectors under the bus, at this point the character selection is just terribly lackluster.

    MotU is first and foremost an action figure brand, and all of these Filmation and PoP characters just make for kinda "blah" action figures.

    So I wouldn't sub anyway with the current level of boring figure saturation.

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    first off, great thread penny ... here's my reasons ...

    POP, NA and filmation just don't interest me - i have kinda maintained from the start that im what is known in some regions as a 'vintage purist' (... given a few exceptions) ...

    having subscribed since day 1 - im just tired of having to re-sell 50% worth of the years figures, something which i have increasingly little time to do due to increasing work/family commitments ...

    i guess that's it in a nutshell ... no bad vibes, no issues with mattel ... no drama, basically ...

    to say im 'done' with MOTUC would be wrong - im just not in a position to re-sell my unwanted figures as freely as i used to be ... take 2013 year-end for example; there's not one figure in 3 months i have any intention of keeping - thus i need to re-coup my money in a secondary market that is becoming tougher to sell in ... especially with me being based in the UK ...

    i have every faith MOTUC will pull through - and you can guarantee i will be there on the DOS dates ... and i wish the fans (us - we are all part of this great fandom, lets try leave all the bad-mouthing and un-constructive criticism aside ... ) and mattel all the best
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    In order to explain it very quickly :

    - Matty, DR, QC issues

    - I do NOT support the "sub or die" sales model

    - Expense

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    right behind you...
    my position is i hope i can sub. i need to find a job, quick...or that may not be a possibility. i love this line- vintage, filmation, 200X, POP, even the NA, we'll see.
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    The reason I'm not subbing is because these figures aren't cheap and there's a only a few more characters I'm interested in that haven't been revealed (Dragstor, Extendar, Tung Lashor). These figures aren't enough to make me buy them all and have to resell 90% of them.

    And frankly I've been soured on MattyCollector for a long time, for various reasons, to the point that I basically wouldn't **** on them if they were on fire.

    I'll hang on and pick up the remaining ones I want, but I wouldn't be too upset if it ended right now. I do hope everyone else gets all the figures they want, but I'm not laying out all that cash to make it happen.

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    Personally I'm on the fence. Its getting quite expensive with Mattel overloading us like this October for starters. Last year I was swayed by King He-Man and Ram Man......this year so far the only MUST HAVE shown was for me was Two-Bad. Not knowing the exclusive and fear of getting overloaded with sub possible mini sub AND all the our of sub extras is a little stronger this time around now that I've subbed for the first time.

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    Still need a united stated based shipping pal who can hold the figures quarterly for me and then ship them overseas.

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    I've never subbed. I spent quite a lot of money getting core characters. I don't have any budget to actually pay for this stuff, so I had to sell a lot of my music gear to get what I have, and there just isn't much left to sell - not enough to pay for a sub. I'd love to sub if I could.

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    - Figures are too expensive
    - Too many items resulting in too high of a monetary commitment.
    - Most of the figures I want have been done
    - QC is still a concern
    - By this point, I’d rather spend my money on other toy lines than on MOTUC figures I could live without.

    I hope the line continues. I really do. I just can't commit the money to it. I've subbed 2 different years and I cherry picked the others. I personally find trying to sell unwanted figures to be more bothersome and expensive than trying to acquire figures I may have missed.
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    Its a mix of a bunch of reasons, but the main one now is I loved the line and it had its run but with all the doom and gloom, issues, PR responses, lack of effort on Mattels part, I just don't care anymore.

    * Remaining characters hold little interest? I really want Two-Badd but at what cost? The line is not being supported enough so I may not get him, but Nepthu is coming? Why can't they tell us who is coming for the year? Scott wants to compare it to the DC Damian Wayne figure which was shown but canceled. Is Mattel getting sued for that? Are there lawsuits because of it? No but Scott tells us legal is the reason they can't spill the line up. Tell me the line up I don't want to get stuck with characters that never show up on most wanted lists. You did the ol' switch-a-roo with the Grayskull B sheet and nothing happened, but you can't do the same *subject to change for the sub.

    Look at DC, Mattel has a history of trying to prolong a line which then dies. How many complete teams are there in DC? The same thing is going to happen here.

    *Matty, DR, QC issues?
    This is a big one. Scott says DR is getting better, but 5 years in we should be beyond getting better. You still can't call and change your card for CG, or next years subs if you need to. You call DR and if you don't get one of the VIP CS, who we can't contact directly, you most likely have to still wait for a response back.

    We are also expected to believe that Matty is losing money on shipping, but a wrestling figure shipped from mattelshop cost less then the same figure on matty. Canadian orders still going via Sweden as for some reason 2 ocean trips is cheaper then a 40 hour car ride.

    QC issues seem to have gone down, but they are now being given to us a Reuban's ideas. Stinkor doesn't look better with the wrong forearms. How am I supposed to know that what Mattel shows me won't be changed because Reuban thinks it will pop? How is changing what we are shown for the figure different from telling us what's coming and changing it.

    *burned out Scott tells us the industry isn't the same as 2008, materials labour etc, but he still treats the toy line as if it was. In 2008 we had many more characters to be made and the revealing was fun and the line was advertised in Toyfare. Now with a limited character pool to draw from, a piling list of issues over 5 years and no advertising he somehow thinks the line will pick up customers. Seriously where are the comic adds?

    Mattel has burned many people with no QC stock, missed errors during production, horrible customer service and bad PR responses. People have left for those reason and Mattel hopes to get them back with a sub or the line is dead attitude?

    I tried subbing twice for 2014 and matty keeps telling me payment authorization failure. I just bought the hasbro exclusives a couple days ago with the same card, no issues. Yet I am supposed to jump through hopes to give them my money?

    Sorry this is so long but these are reasons that I'm sure others feel as well and will just get ignored as well.


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    After 3 years of subs... I'm out. I'm mostly a loose collector, and I honestly have neither opened nor know what characters I've received over the past 6-7 months. All I've really done is just make sure I've gotten something (I don't even know if I got the correct product!!) each month.

    Most of it is burn out. The increased cost of shipping, continued increase cost of figs, the occasional QC issue, and the regular CS issues have made collecting this line far less enjoyable for me. I'm usually all for wading through the thick of it for something I really enjoy, but I dunno... kind of wish Mattel could throw us a bone or something.

    It also doesn't help that due to my new living situation, I really don't have the space to display my collection. Everything is boxed up and in totes - so that has also really killed my excitement as well.

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    I have a proposition for someone. I am willing to partner with someone and buy an extra sub. You will get first pick of every figure released in 2014. If you don't want it, I will either keep it or find another buyer. This way you are guaranteed the figures you want without having to buy figures you don't want. I will only charge you cost of the figure plus shipping to you and am willing to hold figures to ship in bulk if you like.

    EDIT: I have a taker! I will be buying a second sub and he will have first pick on everything from that sub.
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    1) Don't like being forced to buy what I don't want in the sub model because...

    2) I'm not interested in purchasing every figure

    3) QC issues factor a little bit into my decision but Digital River factors more with their high prices and slow ship time.

    What would bring me back? Really, nothing because I don't want all figures especially at the inflated prices after shipping and taxes. Perhaps if Digital River were replaced by a company more efficient and economical in their practices I might leave caution to the wind...but that's a big might.
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    I already subbed, just, since I we are abut to have a child and moved, I could only afford one sub. Put it down to "too much money involved". Still, I could not give up and got a single sub Must be an addiction...

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    Because I'm an extreme cherrypicker.
    During the original and 200X runs, what attracted me to MOTU was the presence of a different action feature for almost every figure. This is absent in the MOTUC line, so, if I subscribed, I would spend a lot of money just to get a lot of pretty poseable plastic statues with equal functionality. To me, it's just not worth the cost, so I just get whatever character I find cool on its own and remains cool even without the crutch of nostalgia.

    There's one thing that would change my mind: action features. A different action feature for every MOTUC figure. That would surprise me every time (just like every new release of the original run would surprise me because it would have an action feature never seen before), keep my interest high and the line fresh. I would also play more with them (yes, PLAY, you know, like what TOYS are made for).
    And if anyone wants to tell me "or you could just use your imagination": that's exactly what I'm doing. When all my action figures can "do" everything I imagine them to do, any difference between one and another disappears, so I can just use my imagination to imagine that I'm buying action figures when I'm actually not.
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    Fundamentally, I don't have the money and can't justify the expense--I've been in grad school for nearly the entire run of the line. In any given year, I'll pick up one or two figures, and usually a little more during the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. And I know myself well enough to know that if I started down the subscription road, I'd probably bankrupt myself as a completist trying to fill in the gaps (especially since key characters--Teela, Beast Man, Sorceress, Scare Glow--are now very pricey). Besides, having a complete 1980s US MotU line, which I've never sold off or discarded, means I'm not in need of adding too many characters--and while the figures are dramatic improvements over their 80s counterparts, they don't fit in well with the older ones, so figures like Marlena and Adora have that strike against them.

    Really, for the past three years I've just been waiting for Eldor--he, He-Ro, the Giants and King Hiss make up a good "Powers of Grayskull" mini-line in their own scale. I'm tempted to try to get the Unnamed One, but not enough to drop $400+ on a subscription.

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    I only really want the vintage MOTU and 200x figures. With the costs the way they are, I just can't justify buying so many that I'm not happy with. I really wasn't happy with a lot of the reveals at SDCC.

    Has it been confirmed whether or not Plundor is in the main sub this year? He was one of the reasons I wanted nothing to do with the Filmation sub. If characters like Plundor are in the main sub, I really can't support it anymore.
    I'm hoping for a Disco Skeletor for the next subscription exclusive! Fully flocked!

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    Dang DITTO to what


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    character selection: I can't justify committing to an all-in sub when I only want certain characters. That said, I've purchased MULTIPLE subs since the the subs were first offered through 2013. In this I've helped a couple people complete their ranks, but it is increasingly harder to off-load stuff I don't want. I think I've just crossed the fence into cherry-pickin' territory.
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    pretty much every reason in Penny Dreadful's post

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    Space and the lack of having it.
    Cost only really affects me from spontaneous purchases.
    Typically I am a cherry picker anyways
    I have pretty much what I want at this point, I was only into the original line till about the time Hordak Showed up who was my last figure. I have picked up some 200x and PoP figures though because I liked them. NA doesn't appeal to me much, I have liked several concept characters but they are scaling those back. I would like to see Sweetbee, and will possibly pick up Glimmer next year and not much else interests me.
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    Here are my reasons:

    Character selection:
    I subbed for 2013 and so far I will be getting 9 figures I don't want vs 11 I want to keep. And some of those 9 are obscure characters nobody wants (take into account I am talking about reselling). So it is something that is not as simply as it seems.
    The roadmap was supposed to be modified but so far we are going to have 3 filmation characters in the sub and an aditional filmation sub. Basically this year was the filmation year. Don't get me wrong I like some filmation characters but the vintage characters were moved forward to stretch the line.
    I was expecting ninjor, Tung lashor, or some other vintage character for december and we are going to get a filmation character that appeared in one episode. That doesn't seem to be a good roadmap direction.
    2014 sub is going to have 3 or 4 quarterly items that would be arround 30 to 40 approximately. So what should we expect from that? multibot? all remaining vintage characters are regular figures. IMO the sub will go better with 13 characters and no quarterly figures. Many months are very populated. Taking for example October 2013 which would be an overcrowded month. This is something they should have foreseen.

    Sub or die:
    I really really hate this scare tactics. It makes no sense and they should be aware that we realized this. Fang man and Clamp Champ being sub exclusives is something that again makes no sense. And mostly for sure modulok or two bad would be sub exclusives. So who is winning? resellers, because they would be able to sell them as exclusives. Why mattel is not willing to have DOS for a demanded character?

    Shipping is more expensive but it takes the same time or more to arrive. For international fans we will have to wait one month or more for the figures and for bigger packages is worse. It seems we are being excluded more and more.
    I have purchased other things from USA and it takes at most 2 weeks, then why matty can't provide that kind of service? they always have an economic shipping and an expensive one. With the addition of DHL I thought it was going to change but it is the same, there is no alternative in the middle shipping.
    Offering quarterly shipping is something that may benefit people in USA but is an awful idea for other countries. Packages would take more time, and mostly for sure we would have to pay more for customs.

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    1.) Digital River
    2.) I'm not a completeist (I don't want every single figure).
    3.) Cost (product and shipping)

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    A bunch of reasons:

    - I´m not a fan of POP and I can imagine, we`ll get a lot of that stuff, I´m not a fan of the Galactic Protectors and not a big fan of most Filmation characters
    - I need only a handful vintage characters to complete my collection, subbing simply makes no sense, if I only need 20% of the stuff
    - I don`t like to being chained to a full year subscription

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