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Thread: Official BIG LOTS Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

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    Official BIG LOTS Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    Okay ladies and gents,

    Just like I've done in creating official 'Help' threads for the Manta Raider and most recently for the Spirit of Hordak figure, I've decided to create an official Big Lots thread so that fellow collectors can find what they are looking for without having to peruse through several pages.

    It is likely that some of this information may be outdated, ie. successful purchases/trades may have been made and/or completed. That being said, much like the SoH thread I've split this category into 2 groups: those who have items for sale and or trade, and those who are looking to buy (note the color scheme). I scanned the first 3 pages of this marketplace, and there were several members who either have all items listed as pending for other members, or would respond to all inquiries shortly after with the information not being updated. If you'd like to be added back to the list, then by all means please let me know :) ! **Please note: if your name is on this list and the information is outdated or needs to be updated, ie. you no longer have the item or already purchased items, please make a post indicating to me what these changes should be. If you have a trade in the works, please also list that information and with whom you are making a trade with, and names will be taken off the list once both parties receive their respective ends of the transaction.**

    Good luck & best wishes to all! That being said, here we go......


    *thegrifter.316 - Has Sy-Klone and Count Marzo (Looking for Man-E-Faces, Leech, Battleground Teela, & Thunderpunch He-Man)

    *air23cnhit - Has Megator, Clawful, Count Marzo, and The Faceless One (Looking for Buzz-Off and Vykron MOC/MIB)

    *yojoe104 - Has Adora, Orko/Adam, Moss Man, Icarius, and Catra at $15 each +shipping. (Local Big Lots re-stocked, contact for further information)

    *BigD350Z - Has Moss Man, Snout Spout, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Vykron, The Faceless One, and Chief Carnivus (Looking for Man-E-Faces, Adora, Thunderpunch He-Man, Leech, Clawful, and King Grayskull)

    *bigassbuzz - Has 9 Icarius figures at $12 +shipping, 5 each of Adora and Moss Man at $15 +shipping, 3 each of Megator and Orko/Adam at $20 +shipping, 2 Man-E-Faces at $20 +shipping, 2 each of Catra and Chief Carnivus at $15 +shipping, and 1 each of Clawful at $20 + shipping and Count Marzo, Battleground Teela, and Sy-Klone at $15 +shipping.

    *joeybones - Has Sy-Klone, The Faceless One, Snout Spout, and Grizzlor all MOC (Looking for Man-E-Faces, Thunderpunch He-Man, Megator, and Orko/Adam all MOC/MIB)

    *Pimpal58 - Has Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Megator, Grizzlor, Count Marzo, Adora, Sy-Klone, Chief Carnivus, Clawful, Icarius, The Faceless One, and Orko/Adam at $15 each +shipping (Looking for Cringer, Battle Cat or Panthor loose and in great shape, Man-E-Faces, and also collects HotWheels or anything else Impala or lowrider related)

    *stirpicult - Has Moss Man x2 in white mailers, Count Marzo, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Megator, as well as Ghostbusters Lab Coat Ray Stantz and Real Ghostbusters Retro Action Talking Venkman with the MOTUC items being MOC and the GB being in the white mailer with BL stickers on them

    *MadCow - Has Megator, Icarius, Catra, Chief Carnivus, Count Marzo, and 12" Ghostbusters Spengler/Stantz 2-Pack (Looking for He-Man, Battle Armor He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Armor Skeletor, Battle Cat, Panthor, Orko/Adam, Man-E-Faces , Trap Jaw, Man-At-Arms, & Tytus)

    *Evil Lord of Destruction - Has Man-E-Faces loose/complete with bio (Looking for weapons and other items such as Havoc Staff (regular), He-Man's Axe, and regular Skeletor head)

    *busta006 - Has King Grayskull mint-in-mailer (Looking for Man-E-Faces or Trap Jaw)

    *ninja man - Has 2nd run Grizzlor w/mailer, King Grayskull, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, The Faceless One, Sy-Klone, Megator,Clawful, Man-E-Faces, Orko/Adam, and Moss Man all MOC. Also has 6" Ghostbusters "Ready to Believe You" Ray Stantz figure (Looking for Thunderpunch He-Man and anything else in his signature link)

    *Dynamo of Eternia - Has Orko/Adam, and Clawful Spirit of Hordak figure (Looking for Moss Man w/Flocked ears and Ghostbusters II 12" Winston/Venkman 2-Pack.) **TRADE PENDING with Broom for his Moss Man w/Flocked Ears and Man-E-Faces for Spirit of Hordak**

    *Dedboy - Has Grizzlor and 2 Moss Man w/Flocked Ears, 1 of which is in good condition and the other with a card that has some separation on the upper left corner (Looking to sell the Moss Men figures, and to trade the Grizzlor for an Orko/Adam set)

    *Maul - Has 1 Moss Man in mailer at $15 +shipping (Or looking to trade for Buzz-Off or Tytus)

    *Whitebacon - Can get The Faceless One, as well as the Ghostbusters Egon/Ray 12-inch 2-packs. Has Moss Man and Mo-Larr/Skeletor (Looking for Leech, Count Marzo, Buzz-Off, and King Grayskull)

    *Mosquitor87 - Has Moss Man and Catra MOC (Looking for Battleground Teela, Snout Spout, Trap Jaw, and other non-BL MOTU Classics figures)

    *ICER - 'May have more figures later'

    *Gnarliehog - Has Moss Man w/Flocked Ears MOC, and Ghostbusters 6" Ray and Spengler with Labcoats (Looking for Megator for trade)

    *janson - Has Clawful, The Faceless One, Grizzlor, and Mo-Larr/Skeletor (Looking for Trap Jaw)

    *Space Man - Has Adora, Icarius, Count Marzo, The Faceless One, Moss Man, Orko/Adam, Catra, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, and Megator (Looking for Leech, Thunderpunch He-Man, Trap Jaw, and 12" Ghostbusters. Also taking offers for figures not listed, contact for further information.)

    *JAMES VEGAS - Has 2 Clawfuls and Icarius, and 1 each of The Faceless One, Sy-Klone, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Moss Man, Grizzlor, and Count Marzo with Marzo having a slice in the back of the packaging (Looking for Trap Jaw, Orko/Adam, Vykron, Snout Spout, Thunderpunch He-Man, Catra, Battleground Teela or Battleground Evil-Lyn, and King Grayskull. Also looking for any Ghostbusters, especially Vigo or the 12" figures)

    *yakkotank - Has Grizzlor, Count Marzo, and Icarius (Looking for Catra and Battleground Teela, and in lieu of trades would accept $16 shipped for items in his 'Haves' list)

    *Omen - Has Moss Man and Grizzlor (Looking for non-BL figures such as Slush Head, Sir Laser Lot, The Mighty Spector, Netossa, Snake Man-At-Arms, and Leech)

    *lpm - Has Orko/Adam, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Adora, Buzz-Off, Man-E-Faces, Clawful, Megator, and Moss Man (Looking for the following in order of desire: Vykron, Battleground Teela, Leech, and Thunderpunch He-Man)

    *funksk8er - Has Orko/Adam (Looking to trade for Girzzlor, Catra, Chief Carnivus, or Trap Jaw )

    *lannyjack - Has 2 each of Count Marzo, The Faceless One, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Moss Man, and Icarius (Looking to do a 1:1 trade for Adora, Catra, Grizzlor, Sy-Klone, Orko/Adam, Battleground Teela, Clawful, Leech, Trap Jaw, Man-E-Faces, and Thunderpunch He-Man)

    *CAIRO - Has Buzz-Off (Looking for Vykron, Leech, loose King Randor, loose Roboto)

    *Broom - Has 2 Moss Mans, and 1 each of Orko/Adam, Clawful, Grizzlor, Chief Carnivus, Icarius, and Count Marzo all MOC, as well as 2 Ghostbusters Labcoat Ray. Looking to sell each for $15 +shipping.

    *HE-MAN1976 - Has 3 Count Marzos, and 1 of The Faceless One (Looking for items not found at Big Lots, with the figures not having to be in a box as loose figures are welcome. Also has loose G.I. Joe figures for sale or trade for MOTU figures, contact for further deatails)

    *ash80sgirl - Has Orko/Adam (Looking to trade for Bow, Skeletor, Battleground Evil-Lyn, Captain Glenn, Octavia, or Battleground Teela)

    *Kent Parker - Has Megator, Adora, Chief Carnivus, and Clawful which are all re-issues (Looking to sell each for $15 +shipping or would like to trade for the following re-issues: Catra, Leech, Hurricane Hordak, or Man-E-Faces)

    *MrBear - Has Adora, Orko/Adam, and Sy-Klone at $25 each shipped (Or looking to trade for Leech, Catra, or King Grayskull)

    *Modulak - Has Sy-Klone and Orko/Adam (Looking to trade/buy 2 Vykron sets if possible)

    *zodacks - Has Buzz-Off, Megator, Orko/Adam, and Eternos Palace Randor (Looking for the following: Thunderpunch He-Man and Vykron)

    *drew - Has Adora MOC with open mailer box (Looking for 1st release She-Ra MOC)

    *DennyCrane - Has 200x items to trade (Looking for Moss Man w/Flocked Ears, Man-E-Faces, Adora, He-Ro, Battleground Teela, Battleground Evil-Lyn, Snout Spout, Thunderpunch He-Man, and other non-Big Lots figures such as Tri-Klops, Beast Man, Vikor, Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Panthor, Evil-Lyn, Faker, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Frosta, Griffin, Gygor, Hurricane Hordak, King Randor, Kobra Khan, Man-At-Arms, Mekaneck, Mosquitor, Optikk, Procrustus, Roboto, Scare Glow, Shadow Weaver, Spikor, Stinkor, The Goddess, Webstor, and Zodak)

    *AdultCollector - Has Count Marzo, Clawful, Adora, Moss Man, The Faceless One, Catra, Sy-Klone, Icarius, Orko/Adam, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, and Megator all MOC as well as PayPal (Looking for Thunderpunch He-Man, Clamp Champ, Battleground Teela, Stinkor, and Horde Troopers, all either MOC or loose/complete)

    *Bjjer - Has 2 Clawfuls MOC, Moss Man MOC, and Adora loose/complete and Toothless Skeletor from the Mo-Larr/Skeletor set, also loose and complete (Looking for Buzz-Off MOC or loose, and Faker loose/complete)

    *Thunderkill - Has Moss Man (Looking for King Grayskull, Grizzlor, Orko/Adam and Trap Jaw)

    *Aeolus - Has Adora, Catra, and Icarius (Looking for Sy-Klone, Thunderpunch He-Man, Leech, Battleground Teela, Vykron, and 2 loose Adam swords)

    *Jestermon - Has Snout Spout

    *Robogeek1973 - Has Adora and Moss Man (Looking for King Grayskull and Clawful)

    *ADAPPJ28 - Has Buzz-Off, Catra and The Faceless One (Looking for Demo-Man, Thunderpunch He-Man, King Grayskull, and Leech)

    *mikehev - Local Big Lots has Moss Man, The Faceless One, Icarius, Sy-Klone, and Count Marzo(Can pick these up for those needing them, and will entertain trades for Battleground Teela or any non-BL items)

    *Badgumbo - *All items have been sold/traded, may have more later*

    *Bigtaco55 - Has Buzz-Off and Adora (Looking for the following figures loose/complete: He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Stratos, Mekaneck, Trap Jaw, or Mer-Man)

    *wyldman11 - Has Grizzlor and 2 Clawfuls (Looking to trade for DCUC items, contact for further details)

    *AKA-DOM - Has Thunderpunch He-Man and non-BL items such as Optikk, Webstor, Slush Head, Zodak, as well as cash (Looking for 3 Vykrons either loose or MIB)

    *capsule1979 - Has Battleground Teela, Man-E-Faces, Clawful, and Icarius all in mailers (Looking for Vykron and Demo-Man)

    *scareglow01 - Has Icarius (Looking for Snout Spout, Buzz-Off, or King Grayskull)

    *Mikeysee - Has Megator and Mo-Larr/Skeletor with mailer (Looking for Buzz-Off, Snout Spout, and non-BL figures like Rattlor, Stinkor, and Scareglow, and cash is also an option)

    *mister garbage - Has 2 Orko/Adam figures, Icarius, Megator, and Mo-Larr/Skeletor as well as a large amount of non-MOTUC items to offer, so contact for further details (Looking for Leech, Catra, Man-E-Faces, Buzz-Off, Demo-Man and other non-Big Lots figures, as well as Procrustus/Gygor/Shadow Beast for which the preference is to trade Megator for one of these oversized figures)

    *Blueblade - Has Icarius, and Megator with mailer (Looking for a He-Man and Skeletor, or Mo-Larr/Skeletor MIB)

    *Greyskull Guardsman - Has Adora MOC at $23 shipped and loose/complete Adora at $17 shipped, Count Marzo MOC at $25 shipped, Demo-Man w/out Alcala Skeletor Head at $30 shipped, 1st Issue Mer-Man MOC, Loose/Compete TRU Mer-Man, and 200x Evil-Lyn Bust (Looking for Sy-Klone, The Faceless One, Faker, Trap Jaw, Webstor, Panthor, and many other non-BL items)

    *Hosed Ovor - Has 2 unopened boxes of Grayskull stands (Looking for Snout Spout, Adora, and Catra but would also consider trading for NA/Galactic Protector He-Man)

    *cryanmchsi - Has Orko/Adam

    *JSteele - Has Adora, The Faceless One, and Sy-Klone as well as a few vintage figures

    *Battle Rack - Has Sy-Klone, Clawful, and Mo-Larr/Skeletor (Looking for Temple of Darkness Sorceress and would trade his 3 'Haves' for her, no orb stand needed)

    *Cherry_Picker - Has Catra and Moss Man MOC without mailers at $15 each +shipping (Looking for the following MOC: King Grayskull, Vykron, Buzz-Off, Leech, Thunderpunch He-Man, and Trap Jaw)

    *worldwar_hulk - Has Megator, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Catra, Adora, Chief Carnivus, The Faceless One, Man-E-Faces, Count Marzo, Moss Man, Sy-Klone, and Barbarian Vykron all MOC/MIB. Also has Cy-Chop, Grizzlor, Battle Armor Skeletor, Eternos Palace Randor all MOC, and loose/complete figures consisting of the Star Sisters, Frosta, and Slush Head (Looking for non-BL items such as Battle Armor Faker or just his armor and accessories, Icer, Fang Man, Shokoti, Strobo, and Granamyr)

    *EwR-Disaster - Has 2 Moss Mans, and 1 Count Marzo (Looking for Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Orko/Adam, Man-E-Faces, Clawful, and other non-Big Lots items such as Snake Man-At-Arms, NA/Galactic Protector He-Man, Trap Jaw, Castle Grayskullman, Mekaneck, and Sorceress. Contact for any other figure not on the list).

    *ae_productions - Has 4 each of Moss Man and Icarius, 3 each of Snout Spout and Adora, 2 Megators, and 1 each of Sy-Klone, Count Marzo, Man-E-Faces, Catra, Orko/Adam, and Battleground Teela (Looking to do a possible 2 or 3:1 trade for Thunderpunch He-Man, Trap Jaw, Demo-Man, Buzz-Off, Leech, Hordak, Vykron, Chief Carnivus, and Keldor. **Please note: for the 'Haves' listed above in order from Moss Man through Count Marzo, ae_productions is willing to do a 2:1 or 3:1 trade for his 'Wants', depending on the figure. For the 'Haves' listed above in order from Man-E-Faces through Keldor, they are for a 1:1 trade.**)

    *rattrap - Has Count Marzo (Looking for Grizzlor, Snout Spout, and Clawful)

    *MaroonTyphoon - Has Grizzlor, Moss Man, Count Marzo, and The Faceless One MOC without mailer boxes (Looking for Trap Jaw and Leech, and is willing to trade for any other MOTUC loose and possibly incomplete. Would probably trade 2 'Haves' for a want, PM for further details)

    *Firephoenix - Has 3 each of Moss Man and Icarius, 2 Mo-Larr/Skeletor sets, and 1 Adora at $15 each +shipping (Looking for Catra, Frosta, and Castaspella. May consider other figures for trade, PM for further information)

    *How To Avoid Art - Has Adora, Moss Man, and Icarius as well as 90s Star Wars, Hot Wheels 1989-2000, 90s Marvel, Microman (Japanese 1999-2000), and comics and cards. (Looking for Snout Spout, Buzz-Off, Vykron, Clawful, Trap Jaw, Leech, and Battleground Teela)

    *Nekk-ra - Has loose/complete Prince Adam for $13 shipped within the U.S., $5 more for shipping to Canada (Looking for any version of Peter, Egon, or Winston from the 6" Ghostbusters line)

    *TheDub - Has Man-E-Faces, Moss Man, Megator, and Mo-Larr/Skeletor MIB (Looking for Buzz-Off, King Grayskull, Catra, and Vykron)

    *Mighty Puundragon - Has Icarius (Looking to trade for any character from the original toyline or cartoon series)

    *Seien - Has The Faceless One, and cash (Looking for Man-E-Faces, Buzz-Off, Demo Man, and Leech)

    *Believe&Receive - Has 6 Icarius figures (Looking for everything and would perhaps do a 2:1 in your favor, PM for details)

    *Icanpao - Has Mo-Larr/Skeletor (Looking for Orko/Adam and King Grayskull)

    *Fright Zone - Looking for Megator, Leech, and Mo-Larr/Skeletor (Located in the U.K., has He-Man and King Grayskull to trade)

    *Mezmiro - Has Moss Man (Looking for Hordak, Bow, Skeletor, Roboto, Orko, Stinkor, and either version of Stratos)

    *conan050 - Has 12" Ghostbuster Peter Venkman/Winston Zeddemore set (Looking to do trade for 2 of either the following: Buzz-Off, King Grayskull, Thunderpunch He-Man, or Leech)

    *anytimepally - Has Adora (Looking for Demo-Man, Man-E-Faces, or Vykron)


    *seth-man - Looking for Orko, Leech, Thunderpunch He-Man, Man-E-Faces at $15 per figure +shipping)

    *skelethon - Looking for Megator, Vykron, Thunderpunch He-Man, Adora)

    *unemployedskeletor - Looking for Vykron, Trap Jaw, Buzz-Off, and Snout Spout

    *marndt8448 - Looking for Snout Spout, Vykron's Space Ace Parts, and Catra (Located in Canada, prefers items to be shipped loose)

    *SwiftJustice - Looking for 1 of each figure that has been available at the store (Orko/Adam, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Man-E-Faces, Grizzlor, TP He-Man, etc.)

    *Saved - Looking for Catra, Leech, Buzz-Off, Vykron, and King Grayskull

    *BadVermin - Looking for Catra, Clawful, Leech, Orko/Adam, and Vykron

    *nemesis15425 - Looking for Man-E-Faces, King Grayskull, Snout Spout, Thunderpunch He-Man, Vykron, Megator, Battleground Evil-Lyn, Battleground Teela, Tytus

    *Lord_of_Destruction - Looking for Flocked Ears Moss Man

    *benzie-man - Looking for Sy-Klone and Orko/Adam (Located in South Africa and has Leech & Clawful to trade)

    *aceface11 - Looking for Clawful and Leech (Located in the U.K.)

    *O-Scar - Looking for Grizzlor and Vykron

    *stormtripper - Looking for Orko/Adam, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, Clawful, and Chief Carnivus (Located in Canada)

    *Megalodon - Looking for Clawful, Man-E-Faces, and Vykron

    *KingKobraKhan - Looking for Orko/Adam

    *KeldorTheCursed - Looking to Adora and Prince Adam (loose as only the vest from Adam is desired) at reasonable prices

    *firestar88 - Looking for Adora, Grizzlor, and Leech from Big Lots (Also wants Roboto and Hordak, though these haven't been seen at Big Lots)

    *chrisbryan - Looking for Clawful

    *Smokeshadow - Looking for Clawful and The Faceless One

    *darthdrew13 - Looking for Mo-Larr buck (with no accessories, so smock, and no head), and also an Icarius helmetless head

    *Mythew - Looking for Man-E-Faces

    *DJ Force - Looking for loose/complete Prince Adam

    *Grayskull's Heir - Looking for Vykron, does not matter the pack-out as it will be opened (Looking to buy from someone willing to sell at cost and ship internationally)

    *erik352 (Looking for 2 Vykrons for shipping to Canada, MOC not necessary

    *tycondrius - Looking for Catra, Count Marzo, Vykron, as well as Bow and Kobra Khan. Also looking for 12" Ghostbusters Peter and Winston (Located in Ireland)

    *DDKNB - Looking for loose/complete Orko, no Adam

    *Dayvid - Looking for Catra at Big Lots price mark and shipped to the UK

    *Simon - Looking to buy Clawful, Buzz-Off, and Catra to be shipped to Argentina with a tracking number

    *theonearmedscissor - Looking for Mo-Larr/Skeletor, located in Italy

    *JB1OT - Looking for either version of Moss Man, Buzz-Off, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, and Thunderpunch He-Man (Looking to pay $15 each +shipping, loose preferred to save on combined shipping)

    *MikeC - Looking for Vykron, Thunderpunch He-Man, and Grizzlor (Loose for cost +shipping)

    *blackiecats - Looking for Buzz-Off, Clawful, Snout Spout, Moss Man, and Stratos (Preferrably from someone who has the majority of these in order to save on shipping costs)

    *waynepoo - 'May have more figure wants later'

    *Jaakub - Looking for Clawful, Buzz-Off, Man-E-Faces, Battleground Teela, Sy-Klone, The Faceless One, Catra, Count Marzo, Snout Spout, Orko/Adam, Grizzlor, Vykron, Trap Jaw, Leech, Mo-Larr/Skeletor, and Megator

    *goluphi - Looking for Thunderpunch He-Man, and Fearless Photog

    *CanadaClassics - Looking for King Grayskull to be delivered to Canada, offering $22 delivered via regular PayPal payment

    *Greyskull533 - 'May need other figures at a later time'

    *jiveSEVEN - Looking for King Grayskull and Man-E-Faces

    *Timb - Looking for Snout Spout loose/complete

    *Lerath666 - Looking for Vykron (just the figure)

    *neon2102 - Looking to pay $15 each +shipping for Leech and Thunderpunch He-Man

    *He-Dad - Looking for Demo-Man and Thunderpunch He-Man

    *javert - Looking for some figures, mainly He-Man and Skeletor, contact for further information

    *Sharkysharky - Looking for any Big Lots figures (except for 200x figures or NA figures)

    *JuKa - Looking for Orko/Adam, Adora, and other BL figures at a reasonable price (Located in Bosnia & Herzegovina)

    *KUZEH - Looking for Vykron

    *NorthCoast - Looking for Orko/Adam and Man-E-Faces

    *TUC138 - Looking for 2 each of Orko/Adam and Icarius, and 1 Adora 1st Issue MOC. Also looking for non-BL items such as 2 each of Scareglow (1 preferably MOC) and Mer-Man, and 1 each of Spikor and Optikk
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    Dude, you're awesome.
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    sweet that for doing this It help alot

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    there is no way I will ever be able to get these figures at this price again so if anyone is willing to scoop some up and ship them I will pay shipping and a finders fee! Send me a PM and thank you! specifically I'm looking for all of the single card figures. I am way behind on collecting do to life lol so I'm looking for one of each type that has been popping up at Big Lots! Thank you very much for making this thread and thanks to anybody that can help! PM me with the price of the figure that you have and thanks again
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    Please take me off the list.
    My post count just got bigger.

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    I could use a grizzlor.

    Thank you
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    Okay guys, updated the post per PMs I've received as well as per a few posts on here !

    @Prince Adam's Dad,

    Thanks, just doing what I can .

    Victor P.

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    Looking for:

    Moss man

    Can be sent loose to save on shipping.
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    hey, i'm looking for man-e-faces, king grayskull, snoutspout, thunder punch he-man, vykron, teela, evil lynn tytus and megator from biglots. was gygor popping up there also? i don't need packages
    please help?
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    hey all I need leech tp heman man-e- face and battle ground teela if u all can help

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    I'd be interested in a Flocked ears Moss Man
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    Contact waynepoo to see if he still has it, I post names here for a reason .


    Has it been confirmed that Teela (and I'm assuming it's the original per your post) has been sighted at Big Lots, or Evil-Lyn and Tytus?

    Victor P.

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    please update mine to show I only need x1 Mo-Lar, x1 King Grayskull, x1 TP He-Man now. As I found a seller for all my others.

    Thanks much again for making this thread!

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    Hey Guys I am looking for Syklone and Orko. Will pay for figure and international shipping, but please keep it reasonable!
    Also have figures to trade, Leech and Clawful!
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    Well done sir on the list! This is a great help to everyone.

    If you could remove my listing, I have sold all of the figures I had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shecky View Post

    Contact waynepoo to see if he still has it, I post names here for a reason .


    Has it been confirmed that Teela (and I'm assuming it's the original per your post) has been sighted at Big Lots, or Evil-Lyn and Tytus?

    Victor P.
    i had read that people had found battle ground teela and bg evil lynn. idk for certain.
    thank you
    you can see pics of all my projects on my facebook page. or email me

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    Court Magician
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    Feb 2013

    Moss Man (unflocked ears)

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    Jul 2013
    Can you please add me to the list.

    Count Marzo
    12" GB 2-pack (Spengler/Stantz)

    Regular or Battle Action He-Man
    Regular or Battle Action Skeletor
    Battle Cat
    Orko w/Prince Adam
    Man-e-Faces (pending)
    Trap Jaw

    I'm new here but am an established member at other sites like Spawn and SideshowCollectors. for feedback, my eBay ID: -disillusion-

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    Also looking for Catra .

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    C-bus, Ohio
    You can remove me from the list. I worked out a trade with BZiggyZ.

    Thanks for the cool thread, Shecky!

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    Edit: I already received PMs for all the figures I was offering for trade. Thanks for the awesome thread, Shecky!
    Last edited by Old Bolty-Neck; July 30, 2013 at 10:43am.
    Still remembers we paid excessive shipping on Battleground Teela. Is confident Matty will resolve the issue and make it right for us.

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    UK, London
    Does it matter that I'm in UK? I'm looking for Clawful or a Leech...!
    Follow me on Twitter

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    Can be added to the list need a grizzlor and vykron.

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