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Thread: Need to sell Leech, BA He-Man, and 200x colors Evil Lynn stactions ASAP (MOC)

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    Need to sell Leech, BA He-Man, and 200x colors Evil Lynn stactions ASAP (MOC)

    Leaving for vacation in 2 weeks and need some extra cash. These need to go.

    Leech $100 or best offer
    BA He-Man $50 or best offer
    200x Colors Evil Lyn $25 or best offer

    All MOC - Pictures of Leech and BA He-Man are attached. I need to take some of Evil Lynn so if you want pics of her I would provide them.
    Shipping will be calculated using zip code. It will be priority mail coming from Leominster, Ma.
    PAYPAL only US only
    I have 100% positive feedback

    Thanks for looking.

    Looking for 200x figures MOC: Stratos Claw Attack. Send PM with offers.

    Great Traders: Bobubott, bigassbuzz, umbloo, vancak, CRAZYMOTUFAN, CringerMyBestFriend, Amberbratt, JustariusX, Zodak74, Shadowsnake, SirBushnell, air23cnhit, skeletorsambora, Daviono1080, Brett, aschoenbart.

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