Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Chris from Dayton, Ohio. I just recently re-kindled my love for the original He-Man universe! I am 33 so in the early to mid 1980's I was a huge He-Man fan. My grandmother would take me to a local store each weekend and I was allowed to get one new figure a week. At some point I must have had every US released figure, I had Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain, various vehicles, the slime pit. etc etc.

I opened and played with all of them and they have all been long gone (sadly). I have an eight year old son and I just got him into He-Man thanks to the episodes being on Netflix, although now they have been recently REMOVED! The only thing on there now is the He-Man & She-Ra movie, and the 2002 Masters of The Universe series.

Long story short he is diggin it and I have been buying loose figures at a local flea market each weekend. I have been paying anywhere between $2.00-$5.00 depending on completeness / condition. I am hoping to get as close to complete as possible with these loose figures and hopefully snag a few carded figures if the pricing is right.

It is a great feeling buying these old figures and remembering being his age.