I have the following for sale, not looking to trade atm. All prices are Paypal Goods and do not include shipping (your choice, charging actual only, w/online discount if applicable). May consider international depending on feedback.

6 Figure MOC Lot $90 plus shipping:
Count Marzo MOC
Chief Carnivus MOC
Icarus MOC
Faceless One MOC
Moss Man MOC
Buzz Off MOC

Single carded MOC. Take 10%off with more than one, 20% off for the whole lot together.
Wun-dar MOC w/mailer - $90
Battle Armor He-Man MOC - $42
Zodac MOC $32
Hordak MOC w/mailer - $29
Faker MOC - $32
Gygor MIB w/mailer - $28
King HSSS MOC w/mailer - $33
Weapons Pack MOC w/mailer - $30
Keldor MOC w/mailer - $32
Orko MOC - $18

Pics are here. Note that loose figs and accessories are currently on ebay.

My feedback here is old, but located here jnorlund thread

I've also done quite a bit of trading on sportscard sites as seen here Blowout Cards and here SCF

You can also check out my seller feedback on ebay under bargainsbynorlund