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    Sub Buddy Program

    I had a thought on Club Eternia Sub Match Making/Buddy Program:

    Would people be willing to sub up together or through someone else to just get the pieces they want?
    For example:
    Person A is a PoP fan. They want each PoP figures only.
    Person B is a MOTU fan. They want MOTU figures only.
    Person C is a New Characters Only fan. They only want the never before made characters.
    Person D is a NA fan. They only want NA.

    If the four of them got together to buy a sub, that would be 1 more guranteed sale (which hate or not is all that Mattel is worried about right now). Either one of them (Person A, B, C, or D) buys it and ships out the figures or they go through someone else (i.e. Me) who buys the sub and collects the money and ships out the figures. That way no one is stuck with unwanted figures (i.e. the current FFM issue). They could do monthly subs to save on shipping. It's sort of what Big Bad does.

    It could also be a way of getting a second sub for just the figures you want.

    Would anyone be interested in something like this?

    If you think it would be something you'd be interested in, post in this thread. I'll see what I can do to link possible subscribers.
    I think the basics I would need are location (USA or International) and what you would be interested in.

    It will be on a first come first serve basis.

    For Example:
    I'm in Virginia and I'd be interested in Filmation and MOTU.
    - Or -
    I'm in Pennsylvania and I'd be interested in PoP.
    - Or -
    I'm from Japan and I'd be interested in Filmation, Mini-Comics, NA, and PoP.
    - ETC -

    Following in the lines of blackiecats and Missile-Toe...

    List of Responders:
    User Name: - :Location: - :Faction/Interests
    Dayvid: - : UK : - : PoP
    Cairo: - : Texas : - : New Adventures, New Characters, Filmation, & Rio Blast
    Hordeall: - : ?? : Anything but PoP
    Sun Devil: - : Iowa : - : Anything but New Adventures
    tmc1984: - : UK : - : Vintage MOTU Only
    Scorpia: - : UK : - : Pop Only
    mkpat: - : VA : - : Vintage Only
    GFunny: - : PA : - : Vintage and Unnamed One
    powerofGS: - : Louisiana : - : Some Vintage and Filmation
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