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Thread: He-Man is an occult toyline

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    He-Man is an occult toyline

    I just found this video on youtube, do you know it?
    There is Phil Phillips, author of the book Turmoil in the Toybox:

    I know 2 angels: their names are Jedi_Kunle and Mikethedrummer!

    Worship the Snake Goddess!

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    Hmm yeah i saw a video about this a few years ago on YouTube and it is totally not worth the time .

    He's the kind of guy who believes playing led zeppelin backwards will turn your children into satanic vampires
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    This was the reason my mom threw away my entire motu & thundercats collection as a kid

    Im still pretty sore about it.
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    I'm not even going to bother playing the video because I can already guess what blinkered, nonsensical, uninformed and downright ludicrous assumptions this guy is coming out with. Anyone drawing parallels of kids cartoon shows from the 80's and satanism frankly needs a slap. Many cultures embrace skulls etc as the norm, for example the Day of the Dead festival, but there is nothing 'satanic' about it. This guy was probably on board with the whole 'Dungeons and Dragons is a gateway to witchcraft' piffle back in the day. I'm sure his kids had a great childhood (if he even had any).
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    I can't believe I've been so wrong for the last 30 years...

    It's pronounced ETHERNIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    Hmm yeah i saw a video about this a few years ago on YouTube and it is totally not worth the time .

    He's the kind of guy who believes playing led zeppelin backwards will turn your children into satanic vampires
    It doesn't so much for my army of little girl vampires with which I would rule the world

    This guy in the video is a _________ (insert your word here) excuse me I have to go put Zepplin on forwards again...

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    Interesting and funny haha.
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    I'm as Satanic as they come. I blame my lifelong love of MOTU.
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    There was another thread about this same video a while back. This guy is a loony tune. Thats all I can say without falling into the tar swamp.

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    Yeah, there are discussions about this video in the Tar Swamp. Because it treads so deeply into religion, it truly is a Tar Swamp topic.

    If you don't know about the Tar Swamp, it's a section of the boards where topics about politics, religion, sexuality, etc. are discussed with your fellow .orgers! All you have to do to gain access is to PM JVS3 and request access. It's simple, and a whole lot of fun. Great topics being discussed by some great people. Go! Get access today!

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