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Thread: Wizard world Chicago this weekend?

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    Wizard world Chicago this weekend?

    Just wondering if anyone from the org is going to be a the 2013 Wizard world con in Chicago this coming week(Aug 8-11), and what everyone will be looking for etc..

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    My brother will be there selling his art, we're from Toronto(Canada). He travels all over Canada and the US for the cons selling his art, he always has great things to say about the Chicago Crowd. Hope everyone who is going has a good time. His name is Shane Kirshenblatt btw.

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    I may be taking my son to meet Tommy the Green Ranger. Depends on how finances look next week.

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    I didn't even know it was still being thrown?

    Is Wizard/Gareb Shaemus still involved?

    I haven't been to it years. IMO Wizard pretty much miked the con for all it was worth and [ticked] off almost everybody in the business so much that a lot of companies and publishers have abandoned it.

    It was at one time really good. I still remember working at the MVC booth with Val, Emiliano, Judith and others years ago and hanging out with Robert Kirkman and Terry Moore after they stopped by the MVC booth. Who would have guessed that today there would be a HUGELY successful TV show based on one of their books.

    I still remember the Org Parties we had. Good times.

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