I want to get a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to go along with the Retro-Action Ghostbusters... the DST bank can be had for under $20, has no articulation but is also solid plastic. However, the SDCC Stay Puft can be had for around $60(which I admit, I expected them to cost far more being an SDCC exclusive) and is twice the size, so it's tempting me. But I know it's made of foam rubber which might present some QC concerns, and being 20" or so tall means figuring out where to put the thing. If I'm going to spend $60 and dedicate that much vertical space to it I want to know for certain that the foam isn't giving issues with cracking or splitting, since I'm aware of other Mattel stuff that uses such materials(Swamp Thing, Snout Spout) having issues. The room in question is always air conditioned(it has my PC in it so it can't get hot) which could also be a factor in the durability of the material.

I know it's silly to try and get a Stay Puft that's to scale with anything, since this is still probably too small to be to scale with even the Minimates, but Stay Puft was a giant so that alone tempts me more than the DST bank. I need to know if the foam material they used is holding up over time.