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Thread: Tons of MOC Classics For Sale Need $$$

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    Tons of MOC Classics For Sale Need $$$

    Everything is MOC or MIB. I'm trying to save some extra cash for a new house. I will ship only in the U.S. USPS Priority. I'm starting with this list here. I will be selling everything that is NON Vintage. Meaning figures,beasts,vehicles or Castle Grayskull from the 80s line are NOT for sale. But anything else will be up for grabs. So if you have something in mind let me know what you want. Please be patient with me. I work full time & do the family thing. So other stuff will come first. All are first edition figures & original owner. I use Paypal & buyer sends as a gift or pay the fees.
    Feel free to make offers as well.

    Prices INCLUDE Shipping USPS Priority

    Battle Armor Faker Make An Offer
    Plundor 30
    Glimmer 35
    Battle Lion 46
    Scorpia 37
    Blade 50

    All that are PENDING are now SOLD
    Zodak 60 PENDING
    Wun Dar 80 PENDING
    Preternia Disguise He-Man 50 PENDING
    King Grayskull Later Release 36 PENDING
    Chief Carnivus 28 PENDING
    Count Marzo 28 PENDING
    Fearless Photog 35 PENDING
    King He-Man 50 SOLD!!
    Fang Man 40 PENDING
    Dekker 30 PENDING
    Snake Man At Arms 33 PENDING
    Draego Man 45 PENDING
    Octavia 40 PENDING
    Icer 35 PENDING
    Shokoti 35 PENDING
    Lord Dactus 30 PENDING
    The Faceless One 28 PENDING
    Standor 35 PENDING
    Catra 28 PENDING
    Unnamed One 50 SOLD
    Batros 30 PENDING
    Nepthu 28 PENDING
    Geldor 30 PENDING
    Strobo 33 PENDING
    Strong Arm 35 PENDING

    Shadow Weaver-MOC with Mailer $160 SOLD
    Castle Grayskullman- MOC $55 SOLD

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    Sent a pm yesterday

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    Send me another PM. I didn't get anything from you. Thanks

    - - - Updated - - -

    List has been updated.

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