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Thread: Star Trek and other Random items FS/Trade

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    Star Trek and other Random items FS/Trade

    I have several items I would like to sale/trade

    Tasha Yar by Galoob (moc)
    Geordi la forge by Galoob (loose)
    Data by Galoob (loose)
    Worf by Galoob (loose)
    Riker by Galoob (loose)
    Pickard by Galoob (loose)
    Ilea for the Motion picture (loose I do not know what company made her)
    William Riker by playmates (moc)
    Deanna Troi by playmates (moc)
    Klingon by playmates (loose)
    Ferengi by playmates (loose)

    I also have a small lot of Transformer weapons, heads, wings, bio cards, ETC all from the 80s

    PM with questions/offers

    thanks in advance.

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    Do you have any pics of the Transformers stuff?

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