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Thread: Moc & loose motu classics for sale

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    Moc & loose motu classics for sale

    I will trade for or buy the following items Loose or MOC as long as they are excellent condition/complete


    Batman The Dark Knight Collection - Wall Scaler Batman, Turbojet Batwing, Batmobile
    Batman Returns - Batmobile, Turbojet Batwing
    Early -Mid 90's Marvel Toybiz Figures

    Vintage MOTU
    Slime Pit Slime Container
    Horde Trooper
    Horde Trooper Staff
    Twistoid's Accessories
    Rotar's Accessories except for red axe

    Horde Troopers - Any version - Loose or MIB


    Prices are paypal sent as personal/gift.
    Free Shipping!
    I ship only to the USA

    MOC/MIB - In Hand
    Etheria Poster
    Preternia Poster
    Subternia Poster
    COG MOTUC Figure Checklist Poster
    Horde Empire Poster

    MOC/MIB - Upcoming Releases
    Blade - $35.00
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