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Thread: MOTU Classics Mantenna Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    I swear he had some kind of other gun or something at some point in the cartoon.

    Ok apparently there was an episode where he had some kind of crazy ray gun thing.

    This thing.

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    Only thing I'd change is to give him a darker blue paint job like the vintage toy. Oh, and alternate vintage toy eyes as well. Otherwise, amazing!

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    AWESOME!!!!!! Mantenna has been my most wanted ever since Mosquitor was released so he CANNOT get here fast enough. Also, with the way he turned out, he "may" end up being my favorite MOTUC's figure in the ENTIRE line!!!!!!!! TBD.....

    Thanks for the review Dan, as always!! I always look forward to them and appreciate your efforts in putting them together

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    I do hope we get his white bloodshot eyes released down the road as another display option (although I love the yellow ones too). The puckered lips would be fun too to give more of a Filmation look

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    Mantenna looks great! I never owned him from the vintage days but I am happy to finally be getting him in Classics.
    MYP Sorceress is a MUST HAVE figure for MOTUC!

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    A triumph. A total triumph.
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    great review as ever Dan. I have a question.

    The "pop out" eye stalks seem to be curved, can they be put in the sockets "upside down" or sideways causing them to stick out at different angles?

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    He got proper justice. I'm very satisfied.
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    Excellent review of this wonderful figure. Thanks a lot Pixel Dan! I can't wait for Mantenna. So much going on in this figure but the legs are probably my favorite part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lich Leech View Post
    Only thing I'd change is to give him a darker blue paint job like the vintage toy. Oh, and alternate vintage toy eyes as well. Otherwise, amazing!
    Mee too, but the figure is TERRIFIC!
    Articulation-wise the legs are a beauty, just think on how many pose you can get from him

    I'm pretty sure some custom vintage pair of eyes and maybe a filmation mouth piece will come out eventually

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    Mantenna is AMAZING. Turned a really goofy looking figure into a masterpiece. Can't wait to get him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    He's up there with Mer-Man and Fisto.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    He's a strong candidate for Figure of the Year, imo!
    Totally agree!! Up there with Mer-Man, Fisto and Kobra Khan as the best figures in the line IMO and definitely a candidate for Figure of the Year!
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    Very pleased with how Mantenna turned out. The legs being four separate legs has to be my favorite feature. It looks masterfully done and I can't wait to get him along side of the rest of the Horde members. If I can just get Scorpia that will really seal the deal on the Horde for me in so many ways! Sub up people.
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    One of my Vintage faves; a character done spot-on perfectly!
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    The Four Horsemen at their absolute best, right here. All of the Horde are great, but this guy kicks it up a notch. This may just be the figure that defines this line.

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    Mantenna being one of the very few 200X figures I liked, I was glad to see when they went with less of a Vintage look and went with the Staction / Filmation cues.... I am not a fan at all of 200X, but Mantenna was one of the few that I actually thought looked awesome....Mosquitor and Evil-Lyn the only other two.

    I see the Filmation cues in the eyes, and overall color scheme and skinnier guy approach, and the 200X cues for the rest of the main overall appearance. I can't wait for him, he's also one of the only two Vintage figures I still have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lich Leech View Post
    Only thing I'd change is to give him a darker blue paint job like the vintage toy. Oh, and alternate vintage toy eyes as well. Otherwise, amazing!
    I am so glad they didn't go with the Vintage look and colors, he looks so much better with the Filmation / 200X look, so much like he belonged in the cartoons instead of the toyline.
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    awesome review dan :-)

    his head is a bit too 200x-y for me, but hey - it's mantenna !!! ...

    great job
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    Quote Originally Posted by wdwfreak53 View Post
    give me a filmation mouth add-on!!!

    yes! This!
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