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Thread: Vintage MOTU Battle Ram & weapons

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    Vintage MOTU Battle Ram & weapons

    The items pictured are for sale and/or trade. Feel free to PM me your offers, Thanks

    *All figures pictured come with their respective items shown

    Vintage MOTU stuff:

    200X stuff I also have:

    -Silver half-swords are from King Grayskull 2.0 / Purple half-swords are from Keldor
    -Big sword on right is from 7th Kingdom Ramathorr / Gold shield is a Sky Spy Monkey Creations resin piece

    Loose/complete is preferred (I open figures for display)
    Stonedar & Rokkon
    TOD Sorceress (orb stand not necessary)
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    Slush Head
    Lower Priority: Cy-Chop, Mighty Spector, Fighting Foe Men & Vykron (don't need Space Ace parts)
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