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Thread: Considering offers for Hookem Brakk & Missile Armor Icarius and TT Hoove

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    Considering offers for Hookem Brakk & Missile Armor Icarius and TT Hoove

    As the title states, i have a Hook'em Brakk complete and MA Icarius complete.

    I also have a TT Hoove w/out weapon.

    I also have almost a complete loose set of the other NA guys and quite a few MOC allthough the cards may not be exactly mint.

    I will consider $USD offers from the org first but if i do not get any reasonable offers they will probably end up on eBay. Im not desperate to sell but after the 4H Ravens kickstarter am feeling a bit short of cash.

    Im in Australia so you will need to consider international shipping which i dont expect to be too much BUT i will need to declare the value of the sale on the customs form for insurance purposes in case something happens to them - this will probably mean you will have some customs charges to deal with at your end.

    There are photos of the extra figures here: (dont have photo of TT Hoove yet but he is in god condition)

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    I would love these guys. Too bad my bank account would not. Hope they find a good home!

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