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Thread: Are you planning to subscribe but haven't yet? (Poll started 8/15 @10pm PST

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    Are you planning to subscribe but haven't yet? (Poll started 8/15 @10pm PST

    I'd like to know how many people here are planning to subscribe but are waiting until the very end of the sub sales period, and if you are, share with us why you're waiting until the end rather than ordering the subscription sooner.

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    Slashor CreamCheeseAlchemy's Avatar
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    Subbed up but I will add more subs if I get the preorders to cover myself.

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    I'm planning to, but I'm considering buying 2 and haven't made up my mind. Also, I'm getting pretty excited about the Star Wars 6" line, and I'm predicting that my enthusiasm for MOTUC could wane
    throughout 2014, despite it being an "Allstar" year. Part of me thinks this course correction was made a little too late.

    I'm also a little dismayed about ToyGuru trumpeting all of the new tooling that will go into 2014-- here towards the end of the line, when sub sales are at their lowest. I don't get it-- is the tooling budget higher now that there's less cash coming in? I doubt it. It's kind of like saying "Hey, we were holding out on you there for a couple years, but we aren't anymore!! Yay!"

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    I'm just waiting till this month's figures ship, then I can change my address with the bank and then Matty. :P Don't want things to go wonky with my Castaspella and Shokoti!
    Evil Simian Mechanic of the Horde!

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    At this point I'm waiting until the last day. Help build suspense even though I'm sure we'll get close to 135% again.

    I've subbed ever since they started the service and I'm definitely not missing out on the best one yet.

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    I subbed early on.
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