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Thread: For sale: 2 CASEFRESH ROTON MISBs

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    Hello guys,

    i'm selling two casefresh ROTON MISBs.

    I got a dealer case some time ago and want to sell the last two ROTONs that i have. Three of them were actually sold. One of the MISBs stays in my collection.

    The price is 140 Euros for each MISB Shipping fee depends on where you live. I can ship worldwide (secured with tracking number). I will also accept payments with paypal but the buyer has to cover the paypal fees.

    The condition of the boxes is very good with a few little wear from being stored for nearly 30 years inside the case. The colors of the boxes are really great and the ROTONs look so fresh like they were just produced these days ;-). The bubbles are firmly attached to the boxes. One of the bubbles is a little bit yellowed and is crack free. The yellowing is very low but i want to mention it.
    The other bubble is clear but has a little crack on the upper curve of the bubble. You can see it on the photos. It's only a fine crack.

    Here are the photos:

    These are the pictures of the MISB with the yellowed bubble

    And these are the pictures with the clear bubble and the little crack


    Please send me an email to if you are interested. I will ship the MISBs very safety!

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