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Thread: 2014 Filmation sub?

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    If we blow it out of the water again this year and "unlock" another 6-figure mini-sub, I wholeheartedly believe the theme should be something that can be eventized in the media in conjunction with Princess of Power's 30th anniversary (technically it can be celebrated in 2014 or 2015) like classic toy line variants. In my opinion, another Filmation sub would be anticlimactic/redundant because they kind of already hyped it up twice, once with the original announcement after they had obtained the rights, and then with the year's mini-sub.

    Personally I think POP variants would work the best, seeing as how it seems like the budgets for these mini-subs can only handle a scenario where most of the characters are a bit more conservative with the amount of new tooling. While it would be awesome to 100% ensure we get every unique POP character, I'm really not sure if the budget could support Flutterina, Peekablue etc. with their expensive wings/feathers/multiple deco hits etc. If Mattel were to pull some of those characters out of the 2015 road map (which is said to be locked in). they may end up replacing them with cheaped-out figures to make up the difference.
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    At first I wasn't too sure about my Filmation sub but now I am totally glad I subbed. I'd be totally down for a 2014 Filmation sub. Come on, Matty bring Dragoon!

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    Another filmation sub is a must! Too many great characters still out there. I must have Lord Masque before the line ends.

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    The nice thing about a POP sub is you could easily knock-out some Filmation characters in that context, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisto's Fury View Post
    I would buy another Filmation Sub, or a POP sub. But I am confused on why people want a POP sub only because I thought that we are pretty much have all the Vintage POP characters coming in 2014 and 2015. Who would we need in an add on sub from POP that wouldn't be a Filmation character?
    I've been thinking about possible add on subs the last couple of days, and have a couple of ideas on this:-

    POP Media Sub - a mix of Filmation and comic figures-
    Crimson Fury
    Hunga the Harpy
    Admiral Scurvy

    POP Toyline sub - revisiting the POP characters but as their original toys
    Toy She-Ra
    Toy Catra
    Toy Castaspella
    Toy Glimmer
    Toy Jewelstar
    Toy Starla

    Or, even a crazier idea, versions of the characters in Fantastic Faahion outfits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    The nice thing about a POP sub is you could easily knock-out some Filmation characters in that context, too.
    That would be great for me cuz all I'm really interested in is MOTU Vintage/MOTU Filmation and since the vintage heavy hitters are winding down for the regular sub, I really think the mini subs are where it's at to keep this line going. Fans are becoming increasingly particular (I have ALWAYS been, hehe) about what figs they want and don't want. And why not? Why should we have to pay for something that we don't want? Absurd, in my opinion.

    I'd LOVE to see the MOTU Filmation sub going in 2014. Not enough figures maybe you say?? Throw in variants! I would LOVE Skelly, HM, Trap Jaw, Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops Filmation variants.
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