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Thread: Is there any retro games addicted nerd?

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    Is there any retro games addicted nerd?

    is there anyone sharing this passion?
    I'm all for NES and SNES, the two systems I owned as a child, but I'm gladly catching the atari mania recently.

    Anyone into game chasers or AVGN?
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    Oh yeah I collect classic games.
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    I have collected mainly N64 and Sega Genesis. But I have many cartridge systems and at least a few favorites for each.

    I haven't been involved in gaming for quite a while now. Stuff is sitting around and collecting dust right now, lol.
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    I'm not a collector per se, but I do have a collection of videogames. I currently focus on PSP and Wii, and my retro console of choice is the Genesis. My YouTube channel is pretty much just me showing what games I bought.
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