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Thread: MOTU Classics Batros Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    I like the way the wings turned out on this figure! When Mattel design gets it right, they get it right. First Mantenna and now Batros, they're 2/2! I'm totally giving him Orko's book as an extra accessory as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squishy Duck Man View Post
    I like the way the wings turned out on this figure! When Mattel design gets it right, they get it right. First Mantenna and now Batros, they're 2/2! I'm totally giving him Orko's book as an extra accessory as well!
    Oh hell, I never even thought of that, at the moment Man-E-Faces is holding Orko's book, as it's a book of plays or something, but Batros would be much better, plus, I have the Ghostbusters stack of books that came with my Egon, but too, Egon is scoping the books out with the PKE I may just give Batros Orko's Book.

    I have to rewatch the episode, I can't remember if Batros could actually fly or not, if so, I'm ordering another set of Flight Stands next month too....Maybe the other Flight stand will work woth the Jet Sled somehow, I know they work with the Transformers Deluxe Seekers.
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    Cool video for a cool looking figure.
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    Definitely looking forward to Batros...Nice review as always.
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    Batros. Sky Sled. Gona be a great month in September!
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    Good review, Batros is looks amazing.
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    Goofy as heck, and I like that! Love how the wings work. Kinda wish they did something like that for Sorceress, but oh well.
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    Waited 30 years for this figure, like many others here, and he's fantastic! For the life of me I just can't understand how the line is in danger when we get this kind of awesomeness month after month. What's wrong with people??

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    The fact that I am getting Shokoti and Batros and Rokkon all within a month or so of each other = heaven. The line could die this year and I'd be happy! Not that I want it to, mind you, but these three have been on the top of my want list only for, like, ever.

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    When Batros was announced, I was fairly blasé about him, but the more I see and read anoint the figure, the happier I become that he will soon be mine!
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    Waited 30 years for this figure.
    Can't wait till he arrives.
    He looks so great.
    Great review as allway Dan :-)
    You are great.
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    It's pretty obvious that Mattel took all of the complaints seriously regarding quality control... No black plastic, super tight paint apps and articulation... month after month of flawless samples being sent out... Mattel has finally addressed all problems with the figures and are rolling... 2014 will be awesome, but man 2013 looks to be the BEST year in MOTUC history... and Grayskull is coming!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Batros looks amazing!
    Another great review PD!
    I'm looking forward to adding him to my collection!
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    Batros is aesthetically beautiful.

    Nice review, PD.

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    I think he turned out awesome. I was a little unsure of the neck piece, but it sits so well on the final!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulff View Post
    Looks like a great figure. Though I am still disappointed that his bio doesn't make any connection to the Horde, nor to Lord Dactys & the Speleans. Both missed opportunities.
    I agree with both points.
    Been one of my fave characters since childhood, can't wait to finally have a toy of him! He always looked like he should have been a vintage figure. I often wonder if he was based on an early concept of Hordak.
    I won't be putting him with the Horde or Evil Warriors. To me he is an independent villain like Marzo who is an ex Hordesman and has made alliances with Skeletor before.

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    I am starting to think i am less of a filmation fan than i thought it was. Outside of the Horde and POP characters, I am just not too excited about the figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    I think he turned out awesome. I was a little unsure of the neck piece, but it sits so well on the final!
    I agree Jon,
    on the proto, it was that neck piece that I was concerned might mess up the overall look of the figure, but on this final production toy it looks perfect! yay!
    I am SO excited to be getting Batros... what a dream come true, along with the short-list of other Filmation figures I've been wanting since I was 8! (Icer, Fang Man, Lizard Man, Strong Arm)... bring on Lizard Man in 2014!

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    I am torn. I like the figure as it is but he is not a skeletor minion, so I don't know where to put him.
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    I'm really going to love this figure!
    He has been on my want list for a long time even long before the Filmation was announced.
    I already know he is going to be my favorite Filmation figure this year. Cant wait to have him in hand.
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    Enjoyed the video Dan, I was on the fence, but now I am definitely going to try and get him.
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    Enjoyable review. Thanks, Dan! I'm glad Mattel was able to find a way to include Batros in the line.

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    So awesome! I always loved the look of that character.

    But why didn't he come with a book?

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    GREAT review and awesome-looking figure! Can't wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torak View Post
    So awesome! I always loved the look of that character.

    But why didn't he come with a book?
    Yeah, that would have been great. I really should have used the Orko and Shadow Weaver books for a shot in this review. One of those thigns I thought of after the fact.
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