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Thread: Looking to trade for upcoming Hordetroopers or Swiftwind

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    Looking to trade for upcoming Hordetroopers or Swiftwind

    My kids recently asked for some MOTUC stuff and so I am looking to trade some of my stuff for them. Prefer to trade, but if someone offers a reasonable offer for purchase of what I have or what I need, I will accept... provided I don't get a trade offer I approve of.

    Looking for: (can be MOC or loose, as long as complete)

    Horde Troopers (high priority)
    Swiftwind (higher priority)
    Sorceress No longer needed... but might trade to have an extra... she is just that cool
    Exclusive He-man/Skeletor mini figs... made the mistake of only buying 1 set

    Have: (All MOC with mailers)
    Molar vs Skeletor x2 (one with mailer/one without)
    Preternia He-man
    Wind Raider

    I have the following MOC (no white mailers) as well for trade:
    Orko/Prince Adam
    Faceless one
    Moss man (no ear flock)

    Reasonable offers will be considered.

    I have some old feedback threads for this user name as well as "MightyRain" on here. But I don't trade too often, so only have 3 feedback on the current system. If you search for me in the feedback thread you will find me though.
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    I have a loose complete Swiftwind (although it has the incorrect leg problem) However as you likely already know, it doesn't effect the toy at all, as it's just a purely cosmetical issue rather than a functionality one. So probably more suitable for a child to play with than for an adult collector. I'm sure I can ship it cheaply loose.

    If interested let me know and also what you would offer from your list in return
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