I did this comic a while back. It was to honor my mom who taught me it was ok to think outside the box and to take my imagination where ever it may lead me. I hope you all enjoy.

 photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-002.jpg
 photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-001.jpg
 photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-003.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-004.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-005.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-006.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-007.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-008.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-009.jpg photo howIlearnedtolikeTMNT-010.jpg