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Thread: End of Wars Weapons Pak Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy View Post
    I need it, because right now I think Rattlor looks pretty plain and well...a bit stupid. It's mostly his head sculpt. The open mouth looks bad, similar to what happened with Leech. Would have preferred his 200X head. Hoping the 200X heads pak included Gen. Rattlor.

    But anyhow, the armor makes him look less derpy IMO.
    Yeah, I actually felt the same way. Part of it is also his giant eyeballs, but I think a more subtle problem is the lack of fangs on his lower jaw. The snakemen guards and Kobra Kahn both have bottom teeth, and I think it helps to make them look more menacing than they would without them. I also have this problem with Merman's cardback head; sure, he's got giant goofy eyes too, but having no bottom teeth really kind of breaks the symmetry, and means that half his bite is harmless.

    In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to the armor, even though I won't be able to buy it for a while. At some point I will probably buy some more snakemen guards as well, so that I can do a tooth transplant onto Ratlor and see if it makes as big a difference as I think it might (assuming I can actually pull it off well).

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    You might be able to pick up an extra off of someone in the Marketplce as well, especially if you only want the armor or certain pieces. Lots of people will probably unload extra stuff, especially if they buy more than one set. I'm planning on buying 2 sets myself, and I may even end up uloading some extra goodies in tades or something. (Just keep any marketplace talk in the right place; they don't like it getting out to the main floor.)
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    Honetly, the best thing about this weapons pak is Kowl. He looks great.

    But, I am disappointed with the rest of it. Even Rattlor's armor and Strobo's gun

    First of all, Strobo's gun isn't the same sculpt as the one shown with the prototype. And it is missing a lot of paint applications the original had too.

    Rattlor's armor looks like it is missing paint applications as well.

    I am fine with the Roboto colored Trapjaw weapons. But, I think the Hordak weapons, which will probably look cool with Trapjaw,were not necessary. Plus, both sets don't have the level of paint deco that Roboto or Trapjaws weapons have, so they look unfinished.

    The same goes for the other weapons. They have NO paint deco. I know Scott said that it is because of Kowl that the other weapons had to have less. But, c'mon...if this is potentially the last one, wouldn't you have gone all out for it? I would have. Just raise the price of it a little to make up for the extra paint applications. It would have made this set much more with it.

    The green He-Man weapons will be worthwhile if we end up with a Slime Pit He-Man variant in the next two years.

    The silver SLL weapons are kinda meh. I guess the sword and mace are OK and could be generic weapons. But, that shield sucks. It was terrible to begin with, it's no better with silver paint.

    Netossa's sword is nice, but the lack of deco on it bothers me. That would have really popped if it had metallic accents on it, Like Netossa has herself.

    The gold weapons are a missed opportunity. I know they are being passed off as potential treasure for Granamyr. I think it would have been better to use items that actually look decorative from the start or could be colored to look like they have jewels; like Chief Carnivus' shield, Mekaneck's Mace, Snake Face's shield, or Evil-Lyn's scepter. Even that generic shield could have been better if the round portions were colored like jewels or something.

    So, In the end, I would have:

    1) kept Kowl as he is (perfect)
    2) added deco to the new Roboto weapons, Rattlor's armor, green He-Man weapons, and Netossa's sword
    3) kept the proto version of Strobo's gun
    4) changed the gold weapons out for better "treasure" items
    5) ditched the SLL weapons and new Trapjaw weapons, replacing them with silver Man-At-Arms armor, PoP shields for the Star Sisters, and reused that magic blast for Frosta (blue version).
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    I'm pretty excited for this, and sad it's the last of the weapons pack.

    Top favs are the standard stuff: Kowl & Ratlor armor.

    I did like the gold weapons, but they are too dull for what I had in mind, so they are unfortunately useless. The blue sword is a complete letdown, and the HH weapons for Trap Jaw are a bust for me.

    I like the green weapons okay, but most likely wont use them.

    Strobo gun is cool.

    I love the idea of the robot collared Trap Jaw weapons on Cy-Chop. This is happening for sure. Gun and hook on the belt, robot claw in his arm. Wish they had paint apps.

    And the SLL mace will come in handy for some extra snake man weapons.

    5 out of 9!

    Not bad at all honestly. For a weapons pack. A def must buy.

    Gracious as always Dan!

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    It's an OK pack, yet I guess if you're a completest you will have to get this if you want Kowl.

    I've thought about that Rattlor armor for some time and fell that it's cool to get it, I think it will add to the Snake Men army builders, or if they ever made the 200X Rattlor that could be another new Snake Man for me. Glad to get the Strobo gun as hopefully I'll be getting mine this week.
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    Thx again Dan I think this will be the first weapon's pack I'm not going to get. Already have the 200x Rattlor Armor I scalped from the 200x figure and gave to my classic. Don't want Kowl in yellow, just orange like the cartoon and I think I'm just going to use the ray gun that comes with Strong Arm for Strobo Everything else has been redone already so...

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    The Weapons Pak gimmick is that you have to paint your own's fun! Lol

    I'm actually looking forward to getting 2 sets (mostly to repaint Kowl with Filmation colors) and have fun decorating the rest of the weapons to match whoever I'll be giving them to.
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    Cannot wait to get these sets in hand.

    I have so many plans for each piece.

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    Shame Kowl is so tiny! I would have rather we got two extra Blade swords instead of the green He-man weapons. The we could have two toy swords and two movie swords for Blade.

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