I have the following Joe's that I would be willing to trade for some MOC MOTU. I have the following:

Lady Jaye 1985
Hawk 1985
Muskrat 1985
Croc Master 1985
Beach Head 1986
Japanese Rock & Roll 1986
Top Side 1986
Tunnel Rat 1987
Storm Shadow v2 1987
Gung Ho 1987
Hit & Run 1988
Snake Eyes v3 (w/ mini Beachhead figure) 1989
Recoil 1989
Chinese Storm Shadow v1 1992
Chinese Barricade 1992
Ninja Force Snake Eyes 1992
Vega (Street Fighter II) 1993
Snake Eyes v1 2007
Snake Eyes w/ Grey Timber 2007
Snake Eyes (Temple Guardian) 2010
Jungle Viper 2010
Firefly 2010
Action Force Road Block 1984?
Storm Shadow 25th Anniversary

I am open to ALL offers. I have several figures already, but am always looking for more. I prefer MOC figures, but I am open to offers on banged up (but still sealed) MOTU (vintage) as well. All offers will be considered. I can email pics of figures if anyone is interested.

Thanks for looking!