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Thread: Looking for 200X Evil Lyn

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    Looking for 200X Evil Lyn

    Much to her chagrin, I got my best friend's girls into MOTU in a BIG way. They are completely obsessed- It's great. Anyhow, I'm starting early, I know, but for Christmas, I would like to get them each their favorite character. Two of them are easy, they like He-Man and Skeletor best. Both of whom I have extras of. The third however is into Evil-Lyn. I'm hoping someone here might have an Evil-Lyn they'd sell me at a good price. It does need to be MOC, but the card's condition is completely unimportant.

    If you can help, please drop me a line.
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    Hey Sorcerer, I was actually surfing Ebay tonight because I was looking for a loose, vintage Evil Lyn and there were a number of people selling the 200X one, some were mint on the card, for about $40. I paid $35 for mine, so that's not a bad price (and they were buy it now too). Obviously if someone here has one for cheaper, then snap it up, but just wanted to give you a heads up
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