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Thread: Possible MOTU proposal for children.

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    Possible MOTU proposal for children.

    I saw this on another thread and I think it deserves its own .

    The artist Jerzy Drozd made ​​a possible MOTU proposal oriented for children.

    The idea is to make a miniseries of comics for children and as a MOTU series would look today for children who have seen Transfromers animated or Ben 10.

    Beyond taste, the work is sensational, which includes art, character designs, background stories, wallpapers.

    here the link enjoy it:

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    Cool! I'd watch it sorta like Super Hero squad.....

    Make it a cartoon series as well..

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    This is just fantastic! I love how it's targeted, the art, the character concepts, the plot ideas - everything! Thanks for posting this!

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    Personally, I'd not be interested in a kid-targeted version; the Filmation series fills that spot for me ... in terms of the big picture, however, I think some kind of new media aimed at a younger demographic (as opposed to the current DC comic, which is fairly mature) could only help the brand as a whole by bringing in a new audience.
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    Aimed at children or not I think it looks great. I would give it a go if a toon was made in this style

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    Well, I would not miss a single episode if it was a cartoon.

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    It's an amazing piece of art, other than Man-E-Faces and Fisto IMO. I would love to see a cartoon in a style like this with toys to match, and I don't think a cartoon in a more adult style than this would have as much potential for success. Whether we want to admit it or not, MotU has to get kids on board if it's going to stay significant.

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    the art is top notch! sweet!
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    great,funny drawing, indeed !

    but....Total dislike !

    "quo vadis MOTU ?"

    Motu was allways a toyline without cuteness. it looked mean and a bit cruel and mystic.
    But this takes it all away and degrades it to one of these silly series that seem to be modern these days.
    why has everything to look like the other ?!

    Next idea : "the fast and the furious - eternia drift"
    lets make a racing movie between evil vehicles vs good.

    oh ! got another one: "broke-back-snake mountain"
    maybe that sells ?

    I thought all these stupid and useless Figures like Molarr or Stan-man(?) that have NOTHING to do with Motu were to much for me...... but if "they" ever do this, Motu will be castrated and dead for me.
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    I dig it. Better than 200x redesigns. If the story is top notch as well I'll support it.

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    WOW! Love what Jerzy has done here!

    Even though I'm not a huge fan of MOTU as a children's property, I find myself being totally OK with this concept.

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    Very interesting indeed! While Ive never been a fan of the trendy, super-deformed modern animations of some of the most popular kids shows on tv right now, something this slick and fresh could be great for the property.

    Poor little Man-E-Faces has taken a turn for the worse. He looks like a little gremlin, which for me does not do him any justice, however Filmation just doesn't cut it for this tech savvy, angry bird playing, new generation of cartoon watchers. They need something else and this seems to have what an audience would want. I could enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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