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    Golem Speculation Thread

    With the road map now on track to complete our vintage collections, there are non-sub items to be considered as well as figures to be offered for 2016.
    Army builders are an essential (and fun!) part of the line, and aside from 200x skeletons and hover robots and horde wraiths, we've gotten pretty close
    to exhausting our options. I personally feel golems could be an excellent fit! Here are some ideas to consider:

    *Golems wouldn't necessarily need any accessories, which would help offset the high 100% tooling cost.
    * Golems could be sold as a sand golem two-pack, or a gray stone two-pack, or a combination two-pack with one stone golem and one sand golem. They share the exact same tooling!
    * Golems qualify as an army builder for a future Filmation subscription.
    * Because this is an army builder, producing the same number of figures as a non army builder would help ensure these sell out quickly as builders typically sell more units.
    * The gray stone golem character "Graybock" from the episode "Quest for the Sword" could be sold as a single figure, and fans would no doubt buy multiples of him to army build, ensuring he is sold out quickly.
    * If accessories are added, these could be non-related weapons, shields, etc. intended to be used with previous army builders (guards, troopers, etc.).
    * Probably the best accessories to include would be new heads for previous army builder kits! (guard heads, trooper heads, snake heads, etc.)
    * Sand Demons would give added value to the Nepthu figure already in many of our collections.

    Graybock (sp?) from "Quest for the Sword"

    Sand Demons (Filmation)

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