Haves For Sale Or Trade:

All MOC, pictures available upon request, prices negotiable)

Commemorative Series I

Skeletor - $40 shipped in US
Faker (package corner damage) - $35 shipped in US

Commemorative Series II

Battle Armor Skeletor (upper flap shows signs of bentage) - $35 shipped in US
Stratos - $40 shipped in US
Zodac - $40 shipped in US
5-Pack (BA He-Man, BA Skeletor, Moss Man, Zodac, Clawful) - $125 shipped in US


MOTUC Figure Wants

(Loose/Complete is OK)

Battleground Evil-Lyn
Captain Glenn / Queen Marlena
Fisto (At least the buck with fist and armor)
Galactic Protector He-Man
Ram Man
(Future Want) Jet Sled (don't care about Sky High)
(Future Want) Mantenna
(Future Want) Modulok

MOTUC Part Wants

Keldor split swords
Man-At-Arms arm cannon

Other MOTU Wants

Skeletor vs. He-Man Mini Masters set
Any Icon Heroes MOTU Items (except Grayskull Business Card Holder)