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Thread: Can anyone help me find a Horde Trooper, King Hiss, and Multi Bot? Please??

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    Can anyone help me find a Horde Trooper? Please??

    I have tried several different threads for trading something for the horde trooper. I realize it is a rare figure and hard to find but somebody has to have one for me at a decent price. I am willing to buy it from you if you are not at all interested in any trading. I am willing to lump stuff together for trade as well, my stuff for trade includes:

    Orko & Prince Adam Double Pack
    Skeletor & Mo-Larr Double pack

    MOTU Vintage
    Point Dread no perch
    Bashasaurus no face
    Talon Fighter pieces
    Slime Pit missing top of skull
    He-Man Shield, Axe, Armor Vest
    Beast man whip and neck armor
    Mekaneck mace
    spikor club
    clawful club
    man at arms club
    castle grayskull weapons rack long axe
    teela shield
    Rattlor staff
    Battle Cat Helmet and Saddle w/Girdle

    I also have a lot of TMNT stuff as well if you collect that. Let me know what you are looking for and maybe I have it.

    PM me if you can help Thanks
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