I've never done this on here before, but I figured I'd rather give it a shot here as opposed to the auction site! I have a new unopened Shokoti figure (still in the white mailer box) that I would like to either trade or sell. I'd sell her for $35 plus shipping - payment via paypal (gift option). I'd almost rather trade her for something instead! I prefer trades to be MOC, but will consider loose figures if they are complete and in perfect shape. My want list is as follows in order of how much I want the the figures:

#1 - Shadow Beast
#2 - Regular Skeletor
#3 - Yellow Evil-Lyn
#4 - Regular Teela (in my dreams)
#5 - Regular Man-At-Arms
#6 - Regular He-Man
#7 - Regular She-ra

Thanks, all!