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Thread: On-line Comic Retailer suggestions?

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    On-line Comic Retailer suggestions?

    I'm getting really frustrated with my local comic store. They keep forgetting to hold certain books for me (in one case, for four months despite me telling them each month!). I like the owner and the store, but I would really like to move on and find someone on-line so that I can have my pull sent to me through the mail.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I use Things From Another World, and they have worked out pretty well for me. I've used them since the Buffy Season 8 comic first came out, which was several years ago now, and still happy with them.

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    I've been pre-ordering my stuff from for years now.
    The offer pretty good discounts (30-50% with a couple 75% off specials each month),
    but you pre-order books 2 months in advance (like previews).
    You order the comics when they are solicited, and then at the end of each month they send you everything that came out that month that you've pre-ordered.

    If you are looking for more of a "put stuff in your cart once a month and have it shipped to you right then" thing,
    people seem happy with and

    I've bought back issues from both and been happy with them, but never had a pull list or anything so I can speak to that.
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