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Thread: My blog: "The Happy in Me" - positive news stories for LGBT people and their allies

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    My blog: "The Happy in Me" - positive news stories for LGBT people and their allies

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to alert you all to a blog I've started writing. The thought came to me after I came across one too many negative stories on LGBT news sites. After reading how LGBT people are being treated in Russia, how priests, ministers and politicians on supposedly liberal shores still use intensely hateful remarks when talking about gay people and killing of LGBT folk in places like Jamaica and Uganda, it occurred to me that there needed to be a one-stop shop for LGBT people to read positive, uplifting, life-affirming stories. There are *some* positive stories on gay news sites, but they're few and far between...and you have to wade through a load of hatred to find them...

    So yeah, I'd love it if you guys would check it out, follow it and maybe join the Facebook site or follow me on Twitter for updates. Hopefully we can spread the happy news together


    Happy days!
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    I will be following this. Not long ago I came to the realization I am bisexual, though for the past couple of months now it's been somewhat of a strain on me how to deal with it all. Even before then, the past few years I've been discovering things I did not know about myself, and these new feelings fighting against my old lifestyle really caused a conflict in me and I think in a way I've been confused and unsure. I picked up a few hobbies which were an okay distraction, but in the end I wasn't really set on them. I kept ahold of a lot of my old ways and ramped them up, possibly because I was resisting change. I've been more prone to anger, less patient and more irritable the past few years, and I believe it was because subconsciously I knew things that my conscious mind was not willing to admit.

    It can be hard coming to a personal realization, especially with the social pressures of what is "normal" and all the prejudice, but society is seeing the early waves of change. Right now the LGBT community is entering the strong wave that the civil rights movement went through in the 1960s, but we face it on a worldwide scale rather than one nation. If the current trends continue, then within 10-20 years we will see a major turnaround from where we are now. Just don't expect any groundbreaking changes overnight- you don't change laws or minds that fast.

    I am bringing this up now, though I won't make a big deal of this part of my life on the forums. But I'm not going to keep it some total secret or lie to anyone about it, especially not myself. Pretending to be one way when I'm another isn't something I can do anymore. I actually walked off from the board about a week ago, in part due to my own internal conflicts(nothing to do with the forum or it's members here, understand that- this is one of the better forums I've been a part of), though recently I discussed this issue with someone I know who is transgender and they've helped me to start to come to terms with myself in a way that will help me accept rather than deny.
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    I think its great that you have chosen to create a place on the web that focuses on the positive side of LGBT news. There is already so much negativity in the world, its nice to see some good.

    However, I've been around the boards for a little while now, and I can tell you that others may not share your viewpoint.

    So good luck to you. There are many years between the teachings of Filmation's end of episode morals, and now.

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