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Thread: FS: Vintage She-Ra, Entrapta, Spirit, Custom Kowl

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    FS: Vintage She-Ra, Entrapta, Spirit, Custom Kowl

    7-11-13 Pics 027.jpg

    I have FS a couple Vintage POP figures.

    She-Ra w/ tiara, skirt,cape,sword,and shield. Asking $25 plus shipping

    Entrapta w/ skirt,shoulder armor, and headdress. Asking $35 plus shipping

    Spirit w/mask. Asking $10 plus shipping

    Custom Kowl . I had won him on ebay sometime ago. His head and arm still have their articulation. Asking $30 plus shipping

    Or can let go as a lot for $80 plus shipping.

    Thanks for the interest and have a nice day.

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    pm sent for she-ra

    - - - Updated - - -

    Anyone know if this seller is still around? I never got a reply.

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