I won't deny that MYP had the edge in the story and characterisation department, but at the same time, I felt that Filmation did a more compelling interpretation of Eternia as a setting. The landscapes are stronger and more interesting to look at, and I actually think the episodic nature worked for it, since it allowed the series to introduce new ideas, settings, and characters. It made Eternia feel bigger and more realistic. By contrast, I felt that MYP drew everything together a little too much, and it lost that sense of freedom and potential. It's the same principle as why I like The Hobbit better than Lord of the Rings - Tolkien hadn't set everything about his setting in stone at that point, and it feels bigger that way because there are just some things that don't seem to be connected with anything else (like Beorn or the giants), creating a greater sense of mystery. I also felt that MYP's character designs were trying too hard and just looked cluttered, although there were some changes I liked. Ideally, the perfect MOTU show for me would take the MYP series' approach to storytelling and characterisation but keep the Filmation setting and character design, as well as allowing for some episodic stories once in a while to explore different parts of Eternia that we otherwise wouldn't if it stuck too closely to a linear plot.